Just putting it out there that I have BVL on twitter: @bvelvetlover, and Instagram: @bvelvetlover.

I am not ready to put my own information on my blog yet, as I am no prepared for negative feedback if this makes it out there, from people around me. I don't mean this from my boyfriend (who knows), or family or friends. I mean people in University who don't support me as a person and would definitely give me negative feedback without reason.

I've dealt with bullies in the past and at the moment, until I'm ready i.e. when I finish my second year and move away from said persons, I will be staying anonymous. 

Some may think this is silly, but I want my blog to be positive and help me thrive as a person, not a source for people to produce hate.

I hope anyone reading this understands. I'm not the most confident person in the world and I am certainly not an advocate of bullying; I am not trying to ignore it but I just feel like this should be a bit more private until these people are out of my life, at least in person.

If anyone wants to ask any questions, feel free!