I decided after Christmas that I needed to update my wardrobe. I had a few pairs of jeans, but I thought I should add some more staple pieces. In the January sale, I bought a few pairs. Two are their disco pants jeans, and the other two are acid wash ones.

My boyfriend bought me these for Christmas, which was the reason I later chose to buy the black versions. These fit me so well! I have been hesitant of buying high waisted jeans, as I dont have the flattest stomach. I got these in a size 10, ready to be returning them as they wouldn't fit, but they actually do. They smooth out any lumps and bumps but in a super flattering way. They fit like disco pants (hence the name) and make my legs look a lot longer than they are (being that I am 5ft 4). I should be buying jeans in a 28" leg and these are 30", but rolling them up to make little cuffs at the end make them look even more amazing. I've styled these with heels and flats, with jumpers and shirts. They go with anything and I am over the moon that my boyfriend bought me them.

Now this is where I was disappointed. You would expect that since I already had the exact same pair of jeans in a different shade I would be in love with these. I've not actually been able to wear these yet. This is because for some insane reason, even though I bought the exact same size, they don't fit me around the waist at all. I can't even get the button on. I didn't try them on until the 28 return limit expired, which was my own fault, but I really didn't believe I would need to try them on. They are gorgeous and I can just imagine styling them so lovely with my big biker jacket, but I cant. Looks like I'll just have to lose a few pounds!

These are 28" leg and fit my tiny little legs so well. It is a miracle to find jeans that fit my ankles properly, without being really baggy. They look very similar to a pair of jeans I saw in Topshop at the beginning of Autumn, but I couldn't afford the price tag. However, upon the sales I bumped into these gorgeous pair, originally around £20-£23 and I bought them for around £8-£12. So worth the money. I will be taking these into summer with little flats too. 

As said with the lighter pair, they fit me like a glove. I have worn these to death already and only owned them for just over a month. They look amazing with black and white Converse! I style these in a more casual way, with a plain tee and a zip up hoodie. 

Overall, NewLook jeans have been amazing for me, aside from the sizing error, which I am not too sure what to do about! NewLook are currently holding a #discoverdenim competition to win a £500 giftcard. All you need to do is take a selfie and post it on Instagram and hastag discoverdenim and tag them in it!