Obviously I had to start my haul with velvet! They fit so snugly, which I can imagine would annoy some girls, as they aren't so flattering on curves, but I love them. They have kept me warm since I bought them and look amazing with my Topshop Biker and New Look Cut Out Boots. The thing that normally annoys me about leggings is that they lose their shape so easily, but they are made well and haven't lost their shape at all, and I am determined to try to be more creative when styling them. I have worn these on a night out with my black Jeffrey Campbell Spike Damsels with a black peplum top, and also with cut out boots with a plain black Topshop top. The only issue I am finding is that I constantly pair them with black... Overall I love these, and I am going to make it my mission to pair them with other colours.

I bought this with the full intention to wear over jumpers if I wanted to, so it wasn't too tight. I read other reviews of this jacket and it was a real 50/50 on sizing. In the end, I chose to size up, so I bought a size 12. It fits perfectly over jumpers due to my chest being 'slightly' bigger than the 'average female'. If my chest was smaller I think I would have bought a size 10, but they aren't, so it fits me just great :). I don't button it up, I wear it open too so the size doesn't really matter that much. This has been such a popular item for Topshop and as soon as I saw it I knew I had to buy it, and I am so glad I did. It keeps me nice and warm. The only thing I'd say about it would be that (as I bought it online) the sleeves don't have the Borg fur lining, which I thought it would. I would probably have tried it on first, but that was my fault for not checking it out first. I am definitely be going keeping this in my wardrobe for next winter.

This navy bodycon dress was due to arrive before New Years Eve, and it didn't, which upset me so much as it was my 2013/2014 dress to wear, however, I absolutely love this dress, and I guess it was worth the wait. This flatters me so much and it looks so classy. I will be wearing this out at the end of the month for a friend's birthday with my Jeffrey Campbell's. The 3/4 sleeves make it such an amazing dress, I think Topshop have made the right decision in creating this, as it would be a bit too much with full length sleeves. Also, it is velvet, which is my favourite of course, along with my favourite colour blue. This is a dream dress honestly. It goes well with my short blonde hair too. This is currently on sale for £15 (check the link) and they sell it in red and black too. 

I bought this with the intention for it to be my 'ultimate' jacket for the winter, and I was so right! this has kept me warmer than any other coat/jacket I've ever had and I'm glad with it sitting on my hips. The arms are a little long on me, but that's because I am a tiny 5ft4" 'lady' so any average sized girls wouldn't have this issue. It compliments most of my wardrobe and I only have positive things to say about it. I bought it in a size 12, purely so I could get the zip up to my chest as a size 10 just wouldn't cut it. I have worn just a top under this, and also a thick jumper. I love the fact that the faux fur is black and the zip detail is silver, as my leather biker jacket from Topshop has gold detailing so it just mixes it up a little. It looks amazing paired with grey acid wash skinny jeans and black boots or with leggings and a thin jumper. I only paid £35 (it has now been reduced further) but I would have certainly paid up to £100 for this. It is so worth your money.

I fell in love with these the moment I saw them. Obviously tartan has been a huge hit this past winter and every girl has to have at least one piece of tartan in their wardrobe, right? These treggings have gold zips up the side. They have a bit of give in them though, so I think it is more for design purposes than for being able to actually get into the treggings. They slim your legs and make them look longer and I adore the rolled up cuffs. Regardless of what people may say, I am definitely bringing these into spring/summer wearing a little white top with sandals. I've been wearing this with both my denim and biker jackets with a simple Topshop cami and black cut out boots. I just love these.

I hope you all have liked reading my first blog post! It had to start of with a little hint of velvet! I will be posting more very soon.

BVL, x