Hannah at Begginer's Beauty created this tag so you can reflect on your year and see where you have came!

QUESTION 1 – What was the best thing that happened to you last year? And what was the best thing that happened to you this year?
I got out of a bad relationship in the Jan/Feb and realised that the guy in the room next to me in my student flat was someone who I really liked! In the April he asked me to be his girlfriend and of course I said yes. We signed to rent a flat for just the two of us for Sept 2014 on Halloween 2013. I'm so happy! The best thing to happen to me this year is that I've decided what route to take for my University degree. I've opted out of a 4 years intensive course and gone through the traitional Law LLB 3 year route as I decided I didn't want to practice law after uni. I've also booked a few mini trips away!
QUESTION 2 – What was you fashion sense like last year? What was your fashion sense like this year?
Last year I as obsessed with disco pants in the very early months which died down towards spring. I also used to wear my vans quite a lot, but then lost them (oops). I think I began to understand what I did like from buying things just because they were cheap last year. This year I've definitely put myself out there. In Winter I bought tartan treggings and leggings from Topshop (well Nov last year) and I didn't think I'd wear them but I have! I also still love my Topshop fur lined denim jacket.
QUESTION 3 – What was your makeup style like last year? What was your makeup style like this year?
Last year you wouldn't catch me with eyeshadow on unless it was so subtle you could barely tell. This included nights out, I'd just put eyeliner and false eyelashes on. I do quite like that look, with bold lips, but this year I stepped out of my comfort zone, bought decent makeup brushes and have started to do some eyeshadow looks using various palettes. I've not worn lipstick as much but that's because I've been in uni a lot!
QUESTION 4 – What was your hair like last year? What was your hair like this year?
Last year my hair was long, past my boobs and with dry ends. I also decided to stop dying my roots from July 2013 and this improved the quality of my hair. This year I cut a lot of the dead ends off and my hair in January was just below my shoulders. I've noticed it has grown quite a bit since then! The ends do still get dry so I will just have to get it trimmed more, but it is in better condition than last year.
QUESTION 5 – What were your ambitions like last year? What are your ambitions this year?
My ambitions were to train to become a solicitor with a Masters degree in Law. I felt like this had been my route because I'd been told this is what I should be doing. This year I put my foot down and decided to do what was best for myself, my happiness and my future. I do not want to practice in law and I'm currently applying for internships in Liverpool (non-term time address) for the Summer months and would like to work in business/marketing/pr/fashion - anything I'm interested in! I need to do something I have a passion for, and although Law is an interesting subject to learn, I do not want to make a career out of ot.
This tag isn't look, but it helps to get a little self-reflection! It also helps us see how far we have came! I tag everyone who reads this! If you do this tag, let me know on Twitter: @Bvelvetlover
Thanks for reading guys!