I was thinking where, when I next have the money, to look at getting some summer pieces for my wardrobe. I've done a Missguided wishlist, looked at Topshop, F&F etc, but realised I hadn't payed much attention to New Look lately.

I had a little look and was so happy. I'm almost angry at myself for not having any money to buy things at the moment, as my shopping basket would have been full to the brim of New Look goodies and I'd be counting down the days til my delivery arrived. However, I am a student, and I don't always have the pleasure of having money whenever I want it, as I don't currently have a job. So I thought I'd create this wishlist to remind me of the things I'd like to buy when I do finally have money. The minute I do, I'll be buying lots of New Look items and doing a full review, I promise.

Black V Neck and Back Sunflower Print Top £9.99 (here)

I'm in love with this. Aside from being a total flower lover, I love how casual this looks. I know I'd wear it with New Look jeans a lot, but it would look so cute paired with a skirt/skort and some platform sandals. I know New Look do good quality tops, and for just under a tenner you really cannot go wrong. I adore the length of the sleeves. I need a top to shout summer to me without spaghetti straps, as I am body conscious, especially regarding my upper arms. I feel like I'm just rambling about how much I love this top but it's true. New Look you have my attention.

Influence Teal Floral Print Dip Hem Blouse £17.99 (here)

 I know what you're all thinking. Flowers again? Really Laura? Sorry but I did warn you that I loved them. This is the blouse of summer, in my opinion. The colours are so bold and feminine that I know it would give me an instant body confidence boost by wearing it. Again, the sleeves. Perfect length. Not too long as to keep you too warm in summer, not to short to show those bits of your arms you dislike. I love how they've styled this with high waisted jeans too, exactly how I would pair it.

Silver Gladiator Flatform Wedges £29.99 (here)

These appeal to the inner child/teenager in me. They give off a bit of a 90's feel and I am definitely buying it. I've always loved shiny things (I sound like a Magpie) but these are soooo pretty. A short gal like me needs a bit of height in her sandal and I'd feel so much more confident in flatform sandals. I don't even know what else to say. They're adorable!

Dark Pink and Cream Bouquet Garland Headband £6.99 (here)

Yes, I know, more flowers. There will be more from where that has came from. Flowers scream Spring and Summer, and what better way to show you love SS14 than putting some on top of your locks! This is so pretty, and such good value. I'm lucky in the sense I have blonde hair, so wearing something like this would make me look like a walking season advert, but they complement a lot of outfits and give something to add to your hair and outfit that you wouldn't in Winter.

 Monochrome Gingham Wrap Skirt £14.99 (here)

I'm loving the gingham style lately and have been looking for a skirt that flatters both my stomach and legs. I think this New Look wrap skirt does the job. I think the wrap flatters your legs as it isn't cut perfectly straight, showing a bit of upper leg off. The skirt is slim fitting which I also love, as there's no point buying a skirt if it's going to sag. This would show off any figure perfectly and would definitely give me a bit more confidence as the style and the pattern would hide my stomach, but also giving me a bit of confidence to pair it with a white crop top (the only I own from New Look) to show a bit of my waist off. The whole monochrome styling of the skirt pairing with black and white is perfect for everyone. If you want to mix it up a cute pastel clutch would also go very well with this skirt. I know I'm rambling again but it's a staple piece that I can't stop thinking about!

Black Leather-look Metal Corner Tote Bag £24.99 (here)

This bag speaks volumes. Effortless class in and instant. I love the gold corners on this bag. It looks so much more expensive than it is = great value. I'm in desperate need for a new bag as my last one's handle has fallen off (oops) and I've not bought a new bag to replace it yet! I love this style of bag. I chose black as you can't fail with black. It makes any outfit look so classy and I just can't get over how expensive it looks! This is very high on my wishlist! So gorgeous!

Hope you all liked my little wishlist! I know I ramble on a little but this is my passion and I can't help giving things a positive view and recommendation when I believe the products are good quality and soooo pretty! New Look, I'm keeping a close eye on you!