I thought I'd check out the Primark Website and check out some of the new things they had in stock that caught my eye!

Floral Bath Towel £6
Also comes in a handtowel £3 and two-pack facecloth £1.50
I saw this bath towel and fell in love with it! It looks so summery and would look perfect for when I move into my new flat in September. I love how you can buy different sizes of the towel so you can have a matching set! I'm obsessed with floral patterns right now and this looks like it should be a lot more expensive than it is!

Decorative Frame Set £5
Although I'm currently looking for some light frames for my new flat, I thought these would be gorgeous to hang in the living room.You can put four pictures in and I love how there are different sizes and styles. It would bring something a bit different to the room!

Mini Satchels £6
These are absolutely gorgeous, and again, such good price! I remember seeing one similar in Topshop last year for around £22 and was shocked. Now I see these ones for £6 and I want them all! These will be perfect for spring and summer and I'm dying to buy them all and do a lookbook to style them with different outfits!

Cobalt Closed Toe Sandal £12
Obviously the colour blue appeals to me a lot, but the simple styling of these heels appeals to me even more. Pair these with a simple dress and clutch to add some class to a summer outfit. I also love the strap, as I do sometimes struggle to walk in a shoe with a thinner heel, so the strap gives you extra stability!

I know Primark is going to be one of my favourite stores this Spring/Summer, and I bet it will be a lot of yours too! Let me know if you like any of the pieces or have bought them yourself!