Heyyyy everyone, I'm Peachy from The Randomness of Unicorns, guest posting for Laura while she is away. I was delighted when I saw Laura’s tweet requesting for guest bloggers! It means I get to talk about make-up which I am very passionate about. 

It occurred to me that I do not really see much press on Sleek make up, and I think they are brilliant for a drugstore brand. It is also not easy to find make-up for darker skin tones; Sleek do just that. They are my favourite brand for eye shadow palettes. I will be reviewing the Showstopper palette and the Oh So Special palette, both of which I bought a few weeks ago.  

Showstopper Palette

This palette contains 7 shimmer shades and 5 matte shades. The colours are named after some of Sleek's more popular palettes, put together in one limited edition special, for Superdrug's 50th Birthday. This is also a mineral based eye shadow palette. 
How was it to use? It is a definitely a good idea to use a base to get a wow effect with this palette. And also to ensure the shimmery shades stay put. The shimmery shades are harder to blend and fallout is inevitable. Personally I would use this as more of an evening palette as the colours are more intense and sultry. But there is no harm in wearing a wash of one colour (bar the black) for a day time look.

L-R: Paraguaya, Sunset, Me Myself & Eye, Bad Girl, Noir, Ultra mattes V2

L-R: Oh so special, Bohemian, Storm, Sparkle, Au Natural, Graphite

Best features- The vividness of the colours is lovely, very striking. 
Could any improvement be made? A couple of the shimmery shades appear shimmerier in the palette than on the eye. It would be better to use a dense brush to 'pack on' these shades.

You can purchase the palette here for £7.99. I am not sure how long it will be available for, so get your hands on it quick!!

Oh So Special

The product- The palette consists of 12 colours of peachy pinks and chocolate toned shades. It is easily an everyday palette but the smouldering noir, glitz and celebrate make it possible for you to add something special to your eyes when you want to get glammed up. If you are not confident in blending colours or putting what where, there are two looks listed on the back of the packet which I thought was a really good idea. The palette contains a mirror and a brush, although I never use the brushes as I feel you can't do much with them. This is a mineral based eye shadow palette.

How was it to use- I am impressed with the colour selection. I was immediately drawn to Ribbon, before I purchased it in the shop. The colours on go superbly. Dab your brush in to the colour, then tap off the excess to prevent fall out. The shadows are clean, pigmented, and easily blend-able.

L-R Bow, Organza, Ribbon, Gift Basket, Glitz, Celebrate

L-R: Pamper, Gateau, The Mail, Boxed, Wrapped up, Noir

Best features - The lighter tones are not so overpowering, for those that are a little afraid of colour. The mix of mattes and soft shimmer shades is a great way to pep up your standard everyday make up. The palette mirror is nice and large.

Could any improvements be made? It would be nice to get a brush as the one provided does not aid blending at all. But then I don't see many good brushes in any eye palettes.

You can purchase this palette here for £7.99

A big thank you to Laura for allowing me to guest post.  I hope this review was helpful to you all.

Much love xx