Hey lovelies,

I saw this Bethany Worrall's blog and also by Alfie from Pointless Blog and thought I should have a little go! I have already completed some of them, but where is the fun in it if you haven't already started, it is July after all.

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  1. Explore around Paris
  2. Go to Center Parcs
  3. Have a BBQ with friends and family
  4. Get a part time job
  5. Take my sister to see the meerkats in Chester Zoo - she keeps asking!
  6. Make fruit smoothies
  7. Move into my flat with my boyfriend
  8. Have a picnic in the park
  9. Read my newest book by Richard montanari
  10. Plan my 21st Birthday out
  11. Buy more recipe books - particularly by Jamie Oliver
  12. Practice making my boyfriends birthday cake
  13. Go up the Eiffel Tower in Paris
  14. Bake with one of my best friends
  15. Buy a brow product that suits me
  16. Lose a stone in weight
  17. Get a lot better at painting my nails - I try!
  18. Donate clothes to charity
  19. Plan a summer holiday for next year
  20. Catch up with PLL and OITNB
  21. Go hiking
  22. Spend a week in the Lake District
  23. Get my hair cut pretty short - whether I am brave enough yet who knows?
  24. Hit 100 posts on BVL - on 87!
  25. Try to resist the urge for Summer Sales - so far I have failed miserably!

Let me know if you are going away this summer or have made a checklist of things to do!