Hey Lovelies,

I saw a similar post on Becky's Blog (here) and since I turn 21 on 19th October this year, I know I most probably get 21 things done within that time, so I thought I would give myself a list of 21 things to do while I am 21, hoping I can do nearly 2 things a month.

1. Start driving lessons - I didn't start driving at 17 like tons of teenagers and spent the money on clothes and makeup (obviously) but the time has come where I will most probably need a car once I graduate from Uni and I would love to pass my test before I start a full time job!
2. Try out a Nars product - I can't believe I still haven't tried a Nars blusher. Why!?
3. Go on a trip to a city I haven't been to before - I've done this before with my boyfriend, this year we went to Edinburgh and York but next year I want to go somewhere new!
4. Get to my goal weight/level of health - so far since the end of June I've lost 9lb so hopefully before I turn 22 I can get to my goal of what I used to be a few years ago of 8 1/2 stone!
5. Start a YouTube channel - my boyfriend keeps pestering me to do this, but I feel I lack the confidence. I love meeting new people, being perfectly confident to do so, but the prospect of talking to a camera then watching it back is making me cringe. Hopefully I'll give in and jump in the deep end.
6. Get a domain - I will be changing my blog name and be buying a domain once my giveaway is over, and when I have the time! It will be using just my name though.
7. Buy a decent camera  - for my blog posts I use my boyfriend's, it's a good camera but I'd love my own, to use whenever I like.
8. Buy a Michael Kors bag and purse - this seems like such an obvious one for so many people but it's something I've wanted for so long! Navy with silver edging!
9. Have 2,000 blog followers - it's a huge ask, and a huge milestone, but this is my personal work and I'd love for it to keep being successful.
10. Have completed all of my operations  - if you saw my post on this a while back, you'll know I've had 4 foot operations and need one more! It's a long process and will happen during the next year, and I really hope it's the last one.
11. Own a lovely sparkly Tiffany's ring - Totally saw inspo from Becky's post here but *hint hint* Andy, I'd love a Novo ring ;)
12. Have my grad job sorted - I know some people have months unemployed out of uni, but I'd really, really, really love it if I had mine sorted by next summer! Fingers crossed.
13. Bake a Lemon Drizzle Cake - the thought of eating lemon was disgusting to me long ago, until I tried a lemon drizzle. Now I'm in love and would love to perfect baking it in the comfort of my own home.
14. Get fit! - I'd love to start boxing!
15. Learn more Spanish - I completed my GCSE in Spanish but I'd love to speak in more complex Spanish in conversations. 
16. Try a beauty product I think I won't like - we all have to try new things, and you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover. You never know, it might be part of my daily essentials.
17. Conquer a fear - whether it be of bridges or crabs, I'd love to not be scared.
18. Attend a blogging event - I'm either in a different city or I'm busy with exams! I'd love to finally attend an event to meet some lovely bloggers.
19. Tour America - I thought I originally wanted to go Interrailing around Europe, but thinking about it more, my dream for next summer is to tour America!
20. Rent out a Skyline flat - I adore the skyline flats in Manchester, and since I'd love to be working there, living there seems like the perfect piece to the puzzle.
21. Do an extreme sport - It would be a dream to go skydiving or paragliding or something along those lines. Of course I'd need to build up the confidence first, but it would be such an achievement.

Have you got a bucket list?