Hello Lovelies,
Sorry it's late, but here is Blogmas Day 4! I've already put up my tree, but if I were buying any more decorations, here is what I'd pick.

M&S Glittering Stag Glass Christmas Bauble £5.00 (3 for 2)
This is so cute! I love a bit of pink on a Christmas tree. I think the best baubles are the ones with something inside them, like a hanging snow globe. This is simple and inexpensive that will have people walking right up to it to have a nose at what is inside.
Wedgewood Heart Decoration (John Lewis) £25.00
Expensive for a decoration, but the pattern is adorable. It is gingerbread inspired (seems to be a theme for me) and crafted from porcelain. 
Felt So Good Heart Wreath (John Lewis) £8.00
Who doesn't love mini bobble shaped like a heart? I'd love this on my tree since it is just for me and my boyfriend. Reminds me of what Christmas it all about.
Christmas Tree Confetti Bauble (Urban Outfitters) £6.00 £3.00
A transparent bauble filled with tons of multicoloured stars! Maybe it's the child in me that adores this.
Bombki London Sky Glass Hanging Decoration (John Lewis) £35.00
I know what you're thinking. The price. But it's hand crafted and has glitter on it. You wouldn't see this on everyone's tree now, would you?
Festive Cookie Cutter Decorations (M&S) £8.00 (3 for 2)
How unique! If you didn't see the gingerbread theme in my last post, you can definitely see the other obsession, cookie cutters. 
Cookie cutter String Lights (Urban Outfitters) £20.00
These are my absolute favourites out of this wishlist. Come Christmas Day, I'm hoping these go on sale so I can buy them all and put them around my house. I've seen them in person, and they were just as wonderful as they looked online.
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