It's been a busy day, hasn't it? You want nothing more than to spend your evening tucked up in bed, reading a magazine or catching up with Pretty Little Liars on Netflix, but, you just can't settle! I used to get like this quite often, but now I have a routine which completely makes me ready for bed. All in just a few easy steps!

First of all, clean your clutter away! Yes this requires effort, but once it's done you won't have a little voice in the back of your head screaming for you to put those books away or bin those empty bottles! Once your room is tidy, I usually feel more relaxed automatically. Sometimes I even like to put fresh bed sheets on and spray my pillows with a lavender spray. Lavender calms your body and makes you ready for a good night's sleep!
Before jumping into bed, I always light some scented candles and have a soak in the bath. At the moment, I'm obsessed with coconut and/or floral candles and any bath bomb from Lush. That place is a mini haven, am I right?!

After my bath, I slip some of my favourite pyjamas on and make a hot chocolate. Hot chocolate screams Winter evenings to me, but they always make me sleepy... Even in the middle of August!

By this time I'm usually quite tired, so I jump into bed and quickly think about my day. The best way I switch my brain off is to write something down. I like to write three things that made me smile that day. It may sound cheesy, but it really works.

Lastly, I lean over to my bedside table and switch my lamp off. These are the ingredients to the best night's sleep, you're welcome!

Hannah x