I've always been intrigued by The Balm, especially since nearly every beauty blogger under the sun has the Mary Lou Manizer highlighter. Having usually stayed clear of eyeshadow palettes that were not from Urban Decay, when I saw this beauty in TK Maxx for a little under £20 I thought it would be a good chance to see whether it was worth the buy or not.

I think the packaging of the palette is absolutely adorable and it's refreshing to have a palette that isn't in a plain black case with eyeshadows all in circles. The palette contains 9 eyeshadows that can be used both wet and dry and range from a cream shade for the base of your eyeshadow to a dark shimmery black for a smokey eye. Using both the shades Bienvenue and Tervetuloa, I've been creating an intense bronzey-copper look paired with berry lips and I can imagine I will be sticking to that makeup combination for the next few months.

The palette also contains four powders; a highlighter, a bronzer and two blushers. It's rare that you find yourself with a palette with these powder combinations all together that are actually of a high quality. The fact that it includes a luminizer makes me happy enough, let alone combining every feature of the palette together. At the bottom of the palette there are two lip and cheek products that I can imagine I will never really make much use out of, but is handy in case of a lip emergency. Whilst I'm not using this everyday at the moment, it's most definitely going to become a travel necessity (hence the name).

Have you tried anything from The Balm?

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