As part of the lifestyle section on my blog, I do enjoy a good interior post. As you may have seen from my Pinterest page, I have over one thousand home inspiration pins on my board as one day I want to move into my dream place. As a recent graduate, I may not be able to afford a 4 bedroom house and may opt for a cosier 1-2 bedroomed place but need separate space for blogging for example. With the help of some props and pieces, you can create temporary living spaces to suit your needs.


Having a wall that can be easily moved is obviously a cheaper option than hiring a contractor to divide your walls permanently. Screens are often used to separate rooms and they really don't have to be as unattractive as you think. You can make screens out of salvaged doors that can be a DIY project if you're up to it. These could be used to help create a smaller space for photography, or to create a room for guests to give them some space.

Folding Doors

Having doors that open and shut when you need them are good, but they do take up unnecessary space when open. Doors that fold in on themselves allow more flexibility as they can fold up quite small and not distract from your interior design. You can even get classic wooden designs, such as from Vufold if you're not into a white theme or dislike the PVC look in your home.

Colour Themes

You are set on having a monochrome theme but also want to have colours in that just don't go. What do you do? How about if you're in a college in America and you happen to share a room with a roomate? To make the most of two areas in one room you can mix up the colour themes a bit or have complementary décor as it's based on personal preference.


These days you can buy pretty curtains from near enough anywhere that sells interior products. Having running curtain rails across the ceiling would be a handy idea to draw curtains across the space when required. Another similar idea is having hanging lights or bunting as hanging options can be easy to install and remove and can really personalise your space. With hanging options you can always mix things up with the seasons too. If you were dividing a bedroom this wouldn't be the ideal solution however, since it offers a lack of privacy.


As known from personal experience, the Ikea white/black shelves always fly out of their stores as they're perfect for storing books, dvd's and other knick knacks you may have lying around that need a separate space. They are inexpensive and can be removed easily, but are steady enough to hold a fair amount of objects. I have two in my room and they hold a good 20+ books and even more dvd's. They're useful for hair and beauty products, and in the future I plan to add small cacti and other greenery which can make the room feel more relaxed.


Thinking laterally, dividing a room by creating split-level rooms or adding nooks within existing rooms is something you don't often see but can provide numerous benefits without the added building work. Depending on the layout of your room, you could scape areas yourself using paletts and steps, just remember not to put anything heavy on top! With some steps in rooms, added storage can be used underneath too.

Integrated Furniture

Built in wardrobes are space savers and with mirrors on the front they can really modernise a room. You could even integrate a headboard for your bead into the wall like this example. It doesn't all have to be bedroom furniture though - you can have more build in cupboards in your kitchen that would then break up the kitchen-dining area. 

Having multiple spaces in one room can help make the most out of smaller rooms and the need for more storage. I have multiple spaces in my room due to lack of space and it's so much better than cramming everything into the whole room. I personally love the fairy lights and bunting idea!
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