1. Favourite Christmas song?
Train - Shake Up Christmas. It's just so happy and jolly! I'm really not a fan of songs for Christmas that aren't all merry and lovely.

2. Do you open any presents on Christmas Eve?
No, but that's probably a cultural thing. I know that a lot of European countries open their presents on Christmas Eve but since I'm from England I open mine on Christmas Day.

3. Is your Christmas tree real or fake?
Fake! I love our tree and wouldn't swap it until we really needed a new one. They last years and I don't see the point of getting a real one unless you had a huge house and could really show it off.

4. What is the best bit about a Christmas dinner?
Apart from the roast potatoes, the thing I adore about our dinner is that we have sausages and sausage meat too. I'm not a fan of turkey, lamb or beef so as substitute (or an addition for the rest of my family) I have sausage which is gorgeous with gravy and mash!

5. What do you have for pudding?
Usually chocolate melt in the middle cake/pudding. You'll never catch me near a Christmas cake!

6. Are you better at giving gifts or receiving them?
To be honest, my favourite bit about Christmas is buying everyone tons of presents that a) they'll love, b) they'll use and c) they've seen I've really taken the time to get things just right for them.

7. Have you ever been abroad for Christmas?
No, and I never intend to. Christmas wouldn't be right without being with your family, friends and other half.

8. What would be your dream Christmas?
It would be way into the future when I have my own family, but I'd love to have everyone around for our dinner, all sharing presents next to a fire together and ending the evening with hot chocolates and mulled wine with people falling asleep in their chairs.

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