After months of complaining that my skin wasn't like I wanted it to be, I upped my skincare regime. I started with pads to reduce the appearance of pores and get rid of blemishes, I started using different products in the bath, such as the L'Oréal Pure Clay Washes and Masks and things started improving. The last thing to check off has been something to hydrate the skin after all the peels and masks. L'Oréal have brought out the Hydra Genius Aloe Water Range which has three variations for different skin types, and sent me two to try out.

The products are inspired by Asian skincare, with L'Oréal introducing 'The Liquid Care' to deliver pure moisture that penetrates the skin deeply and quickly without overloading the skin. It was made to instantly lock in moisture for a healthy-looking glow, have a 72-hour recharge for continuous hydration for up to this time, and to instantly refresh the skin with the water-like texture to reinvigorate the skin. There are two main ingredients; Pure Aloe Vera Sap to moisturise and maintain the skin's water reserves as it's rich in essential minerals, and Hyaluronic Acid which is naturally found in the skin and is an active ingredient which can hold 1,000 times its weight in water.

There are three types available to target different skin types: Dry & Sensitive Skin, Normal to Combination Skin and Normal to Dry Skin. I'm reviewing Dry & Sensitive Skin and Normal To Dry Skin but my skin type is combination so I'd need the other type to give my full thoughts as my skin is more oily but with dry patches. Aside from this they're super lightweight and rub into the skin incredibly quickly given that it's not a cream. It smells quite fresh and to be honest I'd use this all over the body too if it came in a bigger size as it dries so quickly without leaving a residue.

I've been enjoying using these but I'll definitely have to pick up the one for combination skin to give a full review. They're £9.99 each but Boots currently have 1/3 off making them £6.66 each. I hope they bring out more products similar such as a facial mist or micellar water as the scent is lovely!

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