I turned 24 last year, and I think at this age comes a lot of realisation. I'm in the process of saving for a house deposit, constantly changing my hair colour and wondering whether I'll ever start driving lessons. I also recently got engaged and I'm trying to figure out how best to save for a wedding and how to tell keen relatives that we're not having children until we're married. In your mid-twenties there are a lot of expectations, with half of people treating you like you're still 18, and the other half asking where you're at in your life. I wanted to find out from my family what life was like when they were 24, and what has changed since.

What year was it when you turned 24?
It was 1994 and I'd had you the previous year!

What were you doing during this time?
I was working in a library part-time whilst your Dad was in University. The goal was to make the most of my time with you while bringing money to keep us going until your Dad graduated in the summer of that year.

What were your goals for the future?
I wanted to get a full-time job in the future as I was qualified as a primary school teacher. We knew things would be better for us once we were both working full time as we had never been on a holiday, so I guess that was another goal.

What type of trends did you like?
We didn't have much money so I bought key pieces that I could mix and match to be dressed up or down whilst they were still baby-proof! I guess it was a mixture of following the trend and my own style. I wouldn't wear some on-trend items as they wouldn't have suited me. I did adapt some clothes to suit my own style and made dresses into tops and things. Clothes were pretty high-street orientated, and especially designer clothes were not popular with us. Makeup wasn't as heavily advertised so it was mainly what was seen in town.

What music were you into?
I was really into 90s Erasure, East 17 and the Cranberries, along with Oasis, Blur and Marc Almond.

What did you do in your spare time?
In my free time, I mostly spent the time with you going to Tumble Tots or play places. We had the odd date night if your Nan could babysit you. We started taking videos of you with a camera that we had hired from a local video shop. Sometimes we hired a VHS film to watch.

What do you think has changed from then to now?
There are so many changes. Changes in the government meant there were changes to welfare, mortgage rates were on the rise and it was making it difficult to get on the housing ladder. The TVs used to be very bulky and mobiles were very expensive. The outlook back then was reasonable with prospects for jobs but still a lot of unemployment. It's easier to be accepted into university now but it's harder for you in 2018 to get a job. It's harder for you now to get a house and save for a deposit. In society, there are more expectations now, with people wanting things as soon as they're advertised. In 1994 I was being trained how to email and the internet was only used academically. Since there wasn't social media there wasn't a pressure to share things or have a certain amount of friends.