One of my goals for the year was to be more organised, both in life in general and for my career. When you're self-employed you rely heavily on being organised and laying out a schedule, and often planning ahead. If you get sick, it's best having backup work already done so that you don't miss out. Sometimes this can't be prevented and you end up behind with your tasks and it's a bit of a nightmare. To help combat this, for Christmas I was bought the Ban.Do 2018 Agenda to use for both life admin and my self-employed work.

The agenda includes a year overview, day by day view, weekly view and a huge notes section in the back. So far I'm yet to use the two pages of stickers at the front but maybe one day soon I will. It's strange to me combining things like admin, birthdays, events and deadlines all in one place, but only 17 days into 2018 and it's already helping out in such a big way. I mean it's pretty big and it's not something I'll be carrying around with me, but here comes the second addition to my organisational tools for the new year. I got a new phone! I've had my iPhone 6s since March 2016 and I was definitely in need of an upgrade.

Having a larger screen means that typing is easier, and I'm using the notes section when I'm out and then writing out my notes on my pad when I'm home. Another thing I needed to really get organised with was Instagram. Having an iPhone 8 Plus means that the camera is far superior, with modes like Portrait mode giving you an aperture of  1.8 giving you the perfect blurry background when desired. It detects colour really well and I've actually been able to start using it for blog photos which is so new to me since I've always used my Olympus Pen. I'm so happy with it and I'm hoping by Jan 1st 2019, there will have been 365 posts, for the first time ever in one year.