I've planned on having a gallery wall for quite a while, and whilst we're saving up for a house we're collecting prints that we want to have on display. The lovely Shepherd Illustration sent me a few prints and cards to proudly display in my new house and I'm in love. The shop is run by Lauren who designs mostly wildlife-based illustrations including sloths, giraffes and birds to reflect the love for the outdoors. She's got multiple degrees so she's qualified in what she's doing, we even went to the same university (at different times) so it feels right to show off her products here.

The Sloth print is one of my favourites as it's absolutely adorable and will be a great feature hanging on our wall. My little sister is obsessed with sloths and will love this one and probably want to have it in her own room. I love the sloths little happy face and think it could cheer you up if you were ever feeling a little down which is a bit of theme I have with prints; promoting a positive mental attitude.

This one is simple yet detailed that depicts the courting ritual of two Bee-eaters. I really like how intricate the birds are that contrast nicely with the simplicity of the golden dragonfly. The 'I Love You' message at the bottom of the card could make this a perfect valentines gift. You can also get it without the message which means you can give for other occasions to a range of people.

I find this 'Got Your Back' print really friendly and would be a great way to help make someone's day. The simple message and illustration depict that sometimes life can be a little tough but there will be somebody there to help them through. It could be used as a sympathy card or even for a friend who's struggling with something, just to let them know you are there for them. 

There is something about Giraffes that I have always found cute. These prints show two giraffes in a 'loving embrace' and would be great to give to a partner as it symbolises the message you are trying to show. I think the 'I Love Your Face' message that can be added at the bottom is adorable and would definitely make me smile. If you'd like to check out some more of Lauren's amazing work, you can find her over on Instagram here.

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