When doing workouts and other activities, having the right kit can help make your life easier and allow you to get the most out of your sessions. Being able to wear things that will be suitable for working out that you feel comfortable in can make a big difference as you then feel happier and more motivated to succeed. Whether it's pilates, yoga, a walk in the park or full-blown workouts, there is something here for you. I've picked out some of the items that I like that would be great to have as part of my wellness routine.

This woven jacket has a hood, long sleeves and a zip front so would be good to throw on as an extra layer or for when you are doing activities outside. I've been looking at different workout jackets as I want one that does the job but still looks pretty, and I'm not saying the main reason I chose this was because it's pink...

If you want a pair of leggings that you can wear for any of your activities, these bum-sculpting leggings are for you. They are designed in a technical fabric will help to remove sweat, while having the perfect mix of recovery and stretch. The grey will go well with a lot of other colours and aren't in your face either.

Being able to listen to your favourite songs or have your workout playlist on to keep you motivated, having some good headphones will be useful. Having a sweat proof design, wireless function, moulded earpieces and plenty of battery life make these the perfect workout headphones.

For those who are starting out with Yoga or want to upgrade their current mat, this pastel one will look pretty while still providing the cushioning you need. Being PVC it will clean up easily for when you have finished your session and rolled up would still look cute in your home.

These type of leggings are currently my favourite with the mesh panelling. They are breathable, high-waisted and a stretchy material so they should be great for workouts. As they are black, they can be paired with many other coloured tops so will be a verstitle option for your wardrobe.  

Having good footwear is one of the key parts of your outfit and important to make sure you are supported properly from the ground up. Although they need to be comfy, this doesn't mean they can't be really pretty. These lace up ones from Puma will take care of your feet while looking the part. I would definitely wear these casually too with jeans and maybe the jacket I've also listed.

Seen as the weather is still a little tempremental and it's still quite chilly outside, having a warm extra layer will keep you toasty when you head out. I think this sweatshirt would be ideal to throw on if you were heading out for a walk this spring.

I think this would be a great set to have when I'm doing pilates as it would still allow the free range of movement you need. Wearing something that still looks fashionable while being functional is a bonus. The leggings are 3/4 length that is paired with the medium impact sports bra which will be useful when you don't need a full sized top.

These can be used for a number of different things such as stretching, strength activities and other exercices. They are a good item to have in your collection so that you will be able do a variety of things and can often help get you started with some exercises.  

This soft cotton top comes in a regualr fit with a fun 'Let's Yoge' slogan across the front. It has short rolled sleeves and a round neckline and the overall cut of the top should be loose enough for doing your yoga stretches. 

Another item for yoga is this ballet wrap made from warm and soft fabric that is still breathable and has anti-bacterial effects. This can be tied to the front and is soft on your skin and would be perfect to pair with a some leggings for doing yoga. I definitely had a similar wrap when I did ballet as a child but they look so cute that I'd love to pick one up again.

Keeping yourself hydrated is important at the best of times, particually when you are doing any form of exercise. I love this bottle with the 'rise and shine it's gym time' slogan across the front and the pretty rose gold bottle top. 

If you fancy blasting your music out while you work out, then a handy little wireless speaker can be ideal to keep around. You can connect your device via bluetooth and will get around 10-12 hours of playback time on one charge. Oh and it also fits in with my interior theme I have going on.

These leggings have been designed to be a comfortable fit with their seamless technology that also lets the leggings compliment your body. They will been you dry and cool with their moisuture wicking capabilities with the compression fit helping to improve circulation. Ombré hair may have gone out of style, but these have not.

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