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1. I have two siblings. I have a sister who I live with when I'm in Liverpool who is two and is the cutest little thing on this planet. I have a brother who is 14 who lives with my mum in Liverpool, who I don't see very often. I've not had the most perfect upbringing, but it has made me very independent and I'm glad I've made certain choices to help better myself, like moving to Newcastle as a student.

2. I met my boyfriend in student accommodation. We were allocated to the same flat, and he was in the bedroom next door to me. I began to become really close friends with him, even to the stage where we would openly say we were best friends. I didn't realise he had liked me since October time, he kept it a secret, bless him. After Christmas when I came back up to Newcastle in 2013, he asked me to help him revise for his exams. I don't study the same subject as him but thought I could try to help anyway. After the second day of helping him revise I had a sudden epiphany that I fancied him. At first I was a bit in denial, but I suddenly really fell for him and the rest is history. I did have a boyfriend from Liverpool at the time, but had been unhappy for a while. I ended that relationship and became getting more friendly with Andy. In April 2013 we got together :) People judge me, assuming I was using him to get back at my ex bla bla. I wasn't. I did and still do really like him, and love him now. It had nothing to do with my ex, apart from helping me realise I was unhappy and had been for some time and didn't mention it and realised I wanted to be with someone else. Plus, the break up was mutual, so... But anyway, I'm so glad I met Andy!

3. I had to mature at a younger age. I decided to move in with my Dad at 15 and had to go through a lot of family issues that I won't divulge in.  It made me realise I had to make choice to help myself and others around me, not do things just because I was told to. I've came out a stronger person. People said I wasn't as fun anymore, but at 15 I didn't want to be a child. I was happy becoming more mature and dealing with things in an adult perspective. 5 years on, I wish I hadn't had to become more mature at that age and I should have enjoyed my childhood, but the one thing I am glad for is it has made me who I am. 

4. I don't like feet. I've had three operations on my feet and I'm getting one (hopefull) final one in April. And I'm quite scared. I find it hard to see people without socks on because I've not been able to go barefoot since I was 16 and it used to really upset me. So once my last operation has been done and I'm healing, I'm looking to buy my first pair of sandals since I was in my mid teens. I'm so excited! So when this happens I am doing the biggest blog post ever!

5. I used to be dying my hair all mad colours until July 2013. I didn't go every colour under the sun (green, no thanks) but I did go pastel pink, hot pink, purple, lilac, purpley-blue, dip dyed multiple colours, black, brown, ginger... I can go on. In July last year I stripped all of the black out of my hair and went back to the sort of base colour of a light blonde that I was before/after I always dyed my hair. I got a lot of my hair chopped off and my hair fell just beneath my shoulders and I vowed not to dye it until at least half of the dye had grown out of my hair and become in an amazing condition. My hair feels like it has grown so much since then and I'm using my Aussie products religiously. In a weird way, because I've not seen my natural hair since I was 15, I'm quite liking my ash blonde natural colour. I'm hoping within the coming months it grows out significantly so it looks a bit ombré!

6. After multiple contraceptive pills, in December 2013 I opted to get an implant. I was on 'the pill' since I was 16 and had always been on a 3 weekly one. Since I have borderline (still healthy!!!) high blood pressure, I got put on a 4 weekly, so constant pill. It began to drive me insane because on the odd day I'd forget and send my blood pressure through the roof panicking that I was pregnant, when I wasn't. I don't really like needles, not a fan, but when I went to speak to the lady in the clinic it felt like she was an auntie and we spoke for ages! She advised the implant and it was done within about 3 minutes. I've loved it. I don't have periods now, which to me is great, and I also don't get cramps or stomach ache!

7. I am so embarrassed of my stomach and 'love handles'. Yes I'm a size 10. Yes I will probably get some backlash for it. I'm 5ft 4 with a slim frame, but I have a lot of unwanted fatty bits around my middle and it makes me so sad. I do dress for my shape, but some outfits are so hard to wear! I have 34DD/E boobs so things like shift dresses which would not focus on a stomach makes me look 2 dress sizes bigger and it drives me insane. My body is not in proportion at all! My jeans all fit me but if I sit down in high waisted jeans I have MAJOR muffin top. I can't win. I'm a very poor student without a part time job because I don't have enough experience, so I can't afford a gym membership, or the right trainers to go running in. Healthy eating sometimes is just too expensive so it is an endless cycle! I go for walks most days but I'm not motivated enough with the amount of uni work and revising I have right now! If I have enough money come September when I move into my flat with my boyfriend (so excited!!!!!!!) I will buy an exercise bike. Until then, I will carry on being a moany muffin :3

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