I'm Andy, Laura's boyfriend and thought I would do this post to give ideas to those shopping for Valentines Day for their boyfriends/husbands. We have all been there or seen the boyfriend/husband receive presents on this occasion that are met with disappointed or awkward reaction as they pretend to like the 'big cuddly teddy' or 'soppy' gift they have been bought, most probably from the card shops that stack loads of these in the windows around this time of year, Laura agrees with me on this. 
If you actually want to get your significant other a good present for Valentines Day this year, read on to find out my recommendations for presents that males would actually like. Luckily I didn't have to worry about this with Laura as she always pulls out amazing presents, so I thought I would share my experience of the kind of good presents you can get. I have done both budget and luxury gift idea sets to match different price ranges.
Budget Gifts
1 - Smartphone Time-lapse Turntable - Firebox (£19.99)
Now smartphones have gained the ability to take time-lapse photos, this handy little gadget allows for a secure cradle to sit your phone in while taking photos and it can also be used in combination with other larger cameras. 
2 - Camera Lens Mug - Firebox (£14.99)
A great gift for anyone interested in photography and cameras, this mug would be a thoughtful and useful gift for your significant other. The design looks very realistic to a camera lens and would fool some when you poor a hot drink into it!

3 - My Amp Black - Hawkin (£15)
Great little speaker for any smartphone or other device that particularly suits those musicians out there with the amp design. 

4 - Build Your Own Stag - IWOOT (£9.99)
This is a little different and interesting gift to give, and there seem to be more out there nowadays. It's a nice little thing to build up and decorate in any way you like to put your personal touch on. And its a steal at only a tenner!

5 - Boom Box Touch Speaker - Firebox (£24.99)
Another compact speaker that is very lightweight and portable and doesn't use any wires or bluetooth it simply amplifies the sounds when the smartphone is placed on top. It's would be an ideal speaker for those who want to take a speaker out with them. 

Luxury Gifts
1 - Apple iPad - Currys (£199.99 - £559) 
These have been out for a while now and there are currently numerous different models and sizes out there hence the price range, but this allows choice to suit your spending. A proven tablet that any man would love.
2 - Parrot Drone - Firebox (£299.99)
Drones with cameras are becoming more and more popular (I know I definitely want one) and this one features a high quality HD camera for live streaming or recorded and it is all controlled from your smartphone. It comes in 3 different colours and would bring the inner child out in any male.

3 - GoPro Action Camera - Currys (£94 - £359)
GoPro offer a range of cameras which makes for the price differences which helps with varying budgets. I would say they are the best compact action camera out there and I am currently saving up to get my own! There produce incredible quality footage and images for their size and can pretty much be used anywhere you could think of.
4 - Sony PS4 - Currys (£349.99)
Many of your boyfriends/husbands out there might already have a games console, but for those who haven't, this would go down a treat for a present. If you are thinking about getting one of these, try and get hints to the type of games they would like as they often have bundles on these consoles.

5 - WD My Passport Hard Drive - Currys (£50 - £80)
I have one of these myself and it has proven very useful (check out my review here). They allow for laptops/computers to be backed up and provide additional storage. It would be a great place to store any treasured photos and videos you have together to make sure they are safe. 
I hope this gift guide has helped if you are looking to get your partner something that they will really love. If you have any questions or comments about these tweet me @andymsmithblog!