Last week I was in the Metquarter in Liverpool and found myself in Paperchase as per usual and went straight to the decorations as soon as I saw them. Last year I bought a few decorations for our Christmas tree from Paperchase and knew that I needed to get some more this year. Personally, Paperchase is the place I go to for most cutesy things and every year they have some glittery decorations, some simple ones and some comical ones and these cut out decorations were just perfect. They were on 3 for 2, and I managed to get student discount from my Unidays app so it was £4.50 for the three.

After I bought them I noticed they had two or three other ones which I wish I had also bought but since I was in a rush I didn't have time to get the others. They're so simple but so lovely and since we're planning to buy decorations every year until we get our own house (and probably will continue to still buy them, but that's not the point) I though they would be a lovely addition to our small collection. The white decoration reminds me of Baymax from Big Hero 6 which is such a good film to watch and will probably buy the DVD to watch at Christmas!

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