Wanting to use that classic deep red with a gold glitter accent nail that you sport every Christmas - but your nail varnishes dried up ages ago. I'll settle for something else, maybe a different shade of red and put the perfect shade back in your nail varnish box and repeat the process year after year. I always fail to put the old one in the bin, or even worse I keep rebuying the same colour in preparation and never get through them. One way or the other I always end up with dried up varnishes and multiple polishes of the same brand and colour because I think "Ooo this will look nice at Christmas".

How many people do you know? How many of those do you keep in contact with and send Christmas cards to? I seem to buy the main family/friend cards and buy a pack of 20 or so cards for everyone else and seem to run out because it seems that everyone needs an individual card or you forgot about your old Aunt until December 1st. On the note of cards, how many odd cards do you have lying around that end up in a pile? In five years I'll have enough cards for everyone - they'll just all be odd.

I forget that aged 22, as a girl who has been wearing makeup for roughly ten years, that I still cannot do winged eyeliner. I feel like this is an obvious one for a surprising amount of people, but I plan out a perfect Christmas makeup look and of course it needs winged eye liner. Duh. I can do the line on the lids fine - all even and lovely. But when it comes to the wings they are always, without a doubt completely uneven at different angles and thickness and I get so frustrated that I have to re-do my eyes and simply add glitter and a pair of false eyelashes to compensate.

Wrapping presents. Everyone has a different style. Some prefer big and bold with tons of ribbons and bows. Others go for a simple look with a tag and a small decoration. Every year I aim to have the perfect colour scheme, lovely brown parcel paper with red tags but I forget and end up with some novelty paper and tons of bows and going way over the top.

And finally, to make a Christmas playlist. I say I'll do it but I never do! Whether it be on my phone, a cd for Andy's car or on my iPod. Lazy Laura always goes to the UK top 40 (where by November there is usually a Christmas song or two on there) or a playlist made by another person featuring all the songs I dislike and have to skip past. I always remember to put Train - Shake Up Christmas, because that song is the best.

What do you always forget about until Christmas

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