I'm really enjoying writing gift guides this year, but realised that I've never actually made one for teens. To be honest this is everything I would have wanted as a teen but would definitely love to receive now.

If there is something I could put my finger on that I would have wanted as a teen, it would be mug cakes. These didn't really exist when I was a teenager, which aside from making me feel old, also makes me quite jealous. This Nutella Mug Cakes and More book (£7.99) has recipes for quick and easy cakes, cookies and sweet treats, but best of all it includes Nutella recipes which sound delicious. An item that would also be lovely in the winter months is the Mint Green Mermaid Tail Blanket from New Look (£14.99) which is so on trend this year and I'm really jealous of everyone that will be receiving one this Christmas! There's nothing better than snuggling up when it's cold outside with a blanket and something chocolatey.

This Hype Poppy Paint Backpack from Skate Hut is so vibrant and it's a great gift for a teen. There are plenty of different backpack styles on the website but this stood out to me. When I was a teen I was into self expression but also wanting to be stylish and I think this Poppy style is just beautiful. It's big enough to fit everything in and is worlds apart from a plain black bag. At £22.99 I think it's a steal! Talking about style, the Superga 2750 Classic Rose Gold Plimsoll Trainers are so pretty and to be honest I would love them now too. Theyre £55 so they're cheaper than the rose gold vans and they're wipe clean due to the fabric they're made with and they would go well with almost any outfit.

For cosmetic gifts, a new product out this year is the Mac Liptensity Lipstick (£17.50) which claims to have more pigmentation than traditional lipstick formulas and the packaging matches the lip shade inside which is so useful when you have a ton of lipsticks in your collection. They come in a variety of different shades so there is something for every lipstick lover here. Another beauty item is the Makeup Revolution Blush Light and Contour Palette (£10) from Superdrug, that includes 8 contour shades, 8 highlight shades and 16 blusher shades. This is a great palette to suit every occasion, and is such amazing value for the amount of product you get inside.

Something you never seen a teen without is a mobile phone, so why not buy them a powerbank? This 50Fifty Power Bank Portable Phone Charger is £10 and charges most devices as it uses a usb cable to plug your phone into the powerbank to recharge the battery. I've had a powerbank for the best part of a year and it is one of the best items I've ever bought. Finally, for a bit of fun but also a great prop for Instagram photos is a Light Box. The one I've featured here is £19.99 from New Look but you can pick them up from a lot of online stores. It's basically a light box where you can customise messages on the front using the letters and symbols included. I received one for my birthday this year and a lot of people have said it's a great idea!

*This is a collaborative post