I've mentioned this before, but I'm currently saving for my first house and I'm so excited about it. I have to encourage myself to save the money instead of picking up another photo frame or another quirky sign to hang on doorknobs. I've included items in this wishlist that I've genuinely been meaning to add to a list for bloody ages and if you know me personally I can imagine a few "that's so her" comments. Which I don't mind of course!

Pressed Floral Glasses Set £14.00

I absolutely adore printed glasses, and there is something about having a ton of different shapes, sizes and colours in a kitchen cupboard that makes me happy. I was browsing online and found ones with pansies on which is one of my Nan's favourite flowers on so if I were to pick these up I just know I would have to pick her up a set too. They're simple and look more expensive than £7 a glass.

Panasonic Bread Maker £160.99

I really enjoy baking but barely get the chance as I don't have the appliances. These handy Panasonic Bread Makers allow you to create various types of breads; from cobs to sourdoughs or even scones. Since you are making the dough for it yourself, you can make it gluten free or flavour them to your taste. In fact, there are 25 different bread and dough modes including a jam and compote mode to make the most delicious bread. I'm hungry just thinking about it now.

Gold Heart Print Teapot £22.99

I am incredibly fussy when it comes to having a cup of tea. I've tried different varieties, different flavours, method in which it's brewed and all sorts but when it comes down to it, there is only one tea I like; English Breakfast tea in bag form, brewed in a teapot. I've been called a Grandma for being so pedantic when it comes to a simple 'cuppa' but it's honestly my favourite. This is actually a teapot on top of a cup which is great when you're making tea for just yourself.

Electric Copper Cocoa Shaker £16.00

Okay I know I've added this because it's rose gold but who doesn't want a pretty cocoa shaker? I'd use this for on top of hot chocolates or to finish off a cake I've made and it's so useful. The name is a bit deceiving as it's 'Electric Copper' but that's the colour but nonetheless I'd get one for cocoa and one for icing sugar!

Floral Cake Tins £20.00

You may have already seen my post which features other At Home With Ashley items, so following on from my love of flowers I thought these two cake tins would be really useful when I have my own home. There are two different sizes and could be used to store full cakes or a bunch of cupcakes in.

Anti-Gravity Pouring Cake Kit £9.99

I've seen a ton of tutorials that give the anti-gravity effect of sweets falling out of a packet for example, but everyone has used straws and I can just imagine it being a disaster for an amateur baker like myself. This has a base plate, two supporting rods and a corner piece which clip together to make your design a lot more sturdy than using a straw. It's reusable and if I had one I knew I'd be creating all sorts of crazy cakes with it.

16 Piece Rose Gold Cutlery Set £20.00

Speaking of rose gold, since it became popular I've always wanted rose gold cutlery. It looks so much more expensive than the classic silver cutlery you immediately think of, and in the spirit of making almost everything Instagram-able, these would be just beautiful next to some fancy plates.

KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer £469.00

Since the theme of this post is basically baking, I thought I'd save the most expensive item until last. This is a stand mixer in the shade 'cafe latte' and is so aesthetically pleasing. Baking for me is hard sometimes as I have a few chronic illnesses, so a stand mixer would revolutionise baking in my home. Plus it's really pretty, so why not?

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