Hey Guys,

Last week I went to Paris for a little city break with Andy. We were planning to go inbetween both of our 21st birthdays, as we were born 8 days apart (cue the aww's) but since our university timetables were both really different, it just wasn't possible. Instead, we decided to go in early September to avoid the busy rush of school kids and other annoying things which worked to our advantage. We did a lot of touristy things, and Andy had been looking on blogs (I have him well trained) for cute places to us to visit too, such as Le mur des je t'aime and Pont de l'Archeveche.

The Eiffel Tower was not how I had envisaged originally. I thought that when I'd be up there, I'd be swept away with the views over Paris, when instead I was nervous being up so high and wanted to be a bit closer to ground. I've never been afraid of heights, and as a child I used to jump on the glass floor in Blackpool Tower, but I think the big metal caging around it threw me off a little.

The Arc de Triomphe however was lovely. Seeing the Champs-Élysées from higher up and watching the sun set just topped off a perfect day for us. That is after I'd been to Sephora and bought some makeup of course.

Disneyland was a dream too. Andy had been before but for me, going for the first time aged 20, seemed magical yet normal at the same time. I digress, I did want to get a dress and play princess for the day, but I never. I was puzzled to see how much Frozen and Tangled in there, along with Toy Story, but barely anything from Disney Junior. My (nearly) 3 year old sister loves Sofia The First and yes her name is Sofia and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and I was incredibly eager to take tons of photos to show her back home. The only bad part of the to Disneyland/Walt Disney Studio Tours was the 2 hour long queue for the Ratatouille ride which we gave up on after technical faults and made a swift exit once it looked like we were going nowhere. Regardless, from bumpy rides to semi-long queues, we had an amazing day. I left with presents for Sofia, and a present for my best friend.

And of course I couldn't take a trip without going to City Pharma, but I'll talk about this in a haul post I have coming up! My boyfriend also knows his way around Sephora now and was pointing out where the Naked palettes were, as I said, well trained!