I'm Laura, I'm 28 and I'm a law graduate from Northumbria University who has moved from my cosy flat in Newcastle back to good old Liverpool. Whilst I enjoyed studying for my degree, my blog is where I've found my true calling, and I'm proud to say I work on it full time now. I've switched from legal studies to learning more about digital and social media marketing which I feel is where my heart is, which not only helps me support my blog and working as a freelancer.

Aged 12 I started to learn basic HTML and how to code my own website on Piczo remember that! Nowadays I'm still learning and one day want to be able to design my whole blog myself. I've been enjoying taking online courses to learn more knowledge about the technical side of blogging, and have so far gained distinction grade diplomas in Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing. 

I love to travel and the first big adventure was with Andy going to Los Angeles where we took a bunch of photos and even vlogged the trip. I take my photos with an Olympus Pen E-PL7 and every day I'm improving my photography skills.

I write a lot about beauty, fashion and lifestyle with the occasional travel or food post. I'm a natural ash blonde with curly hair that keeps me on the hunt for the perfect anti-frizz product. You'll often see photos of me with different coloured hair though as I can't seem to put the hair dye down.

My Blog

I'm always looking to collab with brands and bloggers! If you want to find out more, you can view my blog statistics and disclaimer or have a nose at my post directory to find previous posts quickly. You can also email me at laurahadleyx@gmail.com if you want a chat.


What camera do you use?

I use an Olympus Pen E-PL7 with a 40-150mm lens most of the time and a 14-42mm lens for close up shots. You can read a more in-depth review over on my fiancĂ©'s blog here.

How do you take your photos?

Mostly you'll see me take photos on my makeup desk next to my makeup storage, often with my cacti and mini orchid. For flat-lay photos, I have the top of a small Ikea table with marble lino over the top. For lighting, I mostly use natural light and adjust my camera settings to allow more natural light into the photos. Artificially I have two big softbox lights that only come out when I really need them.

When did you start your blog?

I wrote my first post in early February 2014 so I've been blogging for over four and a half years now. To be honest I wish I had done it years earlier but I didn't have the confidence to!

What do you blog about?

Mostly beauty and lifestyle, but I occasionally write about fashion, travel and food etc. You can see all the categories on the drop-down menu above my blog header. I've just started blogging about weddings as I'm now engaged!

How often do you write posts?

Whenever possible. Sometimes you'll see multiple posts a day, sometimes a few a week. I'm realistic, and some posts take a lot more effort and work put in than others. You'll see me doing blog work on social media too so catch me there for more updates.

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