I began my Roaccutane journey in March and have since only made one update post as the whole situation ended up a bit more complicated than I would have anticipated. The appointments are only available to go to between 9am and 5pm so my partner has to take a half day off work in order for me to attend, but he had sorted it out with work. I was told that Roaccutane will stay in the system for a while, so after I'd had one appointment at the end of April cancelled and move to the middle of May, my acne all of a sudden started to come back despite me being told it wouldn't.

I found it hard to write updates as every appointment has been difficult in the sense of finding parking and paying for it, as up until recently I've not had a disabled blue badge. We've had to only use the hospital pharmacy which shuts at 5 and I've been given 4pm appointments sometimes so we've had to go back the following day to pick the medicine up. I've been seeing a few different Dermatologists and Nurse Specialists so I've not had consistent appointments; some have wanted to know a lot about what has been going on with my skin and mental health, and others have wanted me to be in and out and it's very confusing. I was hoping to start this journey and document it to help others but I genuinely wouldn't want someone to take everything I've said with the idea that that's how their own appointments would go, because it will differ from hospital to hospital. If I had the money I would have gone to a private Dermatologist but that isn't the case when as a couple we're living off one income that soon won't be enough to sustain us efficiently. 

Unfortunately, I was supposed to attend my appointment yesterday but the battery in Andy's car went and we had to call recovery so I missed it. Now there's a two-week wait and I had been taking half dose of Roaccutane already as I keep getting scheduled appointments that are longer than 28 days apart. With a few months until the wedding day I am concerned, given that my spots have already started to come back with a half dose, never mind going cold turkey for a fortnight and then going back on the medicine. I wish I could increase my dosage too as the slight change in dosage and my spots just come back. I'm worried that I'll still end up having acne on my wedding day. There isn't much I can do aside from trying to request a specific Dermatologist appointment and hope Andy's work allows him to take me because I don't have anyone else to help and the hospital is too far away. I'm crossing my fingers that it all works out okay.