Designing and creating a space in your home is exciting and enjoyable and something that many people love doing. When you've invested in your own space, it gives you the freedom to create areas to make it personal and suited to you. One of the most sought after rooms in a house is a cinema room as people love being able to watch things on a big screen with great acoustics, and having an at-home movie theatre adds that added luxury to a home that you have curated. When it comes to making your very own cinema room, why compromise on aesthetics to have good acoustics when you could achieve both with a product like the MuffleTimber Acoustic Wall Panel. The timber wall panels are designed to improve the interior sound quality by dampening excess noise and adding a touch of contemporary style that is effortless to match the rest of your design choices to help form a cohesive home.

Improving the acoustics in a cinema room can really change your experience, and can be the difference between just playing a film from a streaming service to feeling that you are actually in a cinema and being immersed in the movie you have chosen. When it comes to selecting where to place the panels, don't just think about your walls, as the acoustic timber is designed to also be used on your ceilings, so you can transform the entire room to achieve the optimum sound quality. If you wanted to create a cinema room yourself, you might be thinking that adding wall panels is going to be a complicated and time-consuming process. Think again. The Muffletimber panels are installed using only screws, which makes them quick and effortless to fit into your space. This would prevent any delays to your revamp as the wall panels can be added in a short period of time. 

If you have a wall that is a different height to the panel, don't worry as the acoustic wall panel can have the length amended by simply sawing off a section so that it fits perfectly into your space. This makes Muffletimber customisable to any room and will let you cover whatever area you desire. The visual appeal of the panels can also convert the space into something you will be proud to show off and will enjoy inviting people around to experience it with you. There are a variety of colours available for the panels so you should be able to find one that is suitable for your taste. 

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