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Today I have a very positive beauty review! I was delighted when I was contact by NV to review two products, of which I could choose too. I obviously went for lip products, as they are the items I tend to loom for when I enter Superdrug.

This is the Spiced Plum lipstick which such a gorgeous shade. I'm not a summer lisptick shade kinda girl, I'm definitely more of a berry type of girl and this is the perfect shade for Autumn. I picked the shade myself so of course I am slightly biased here, but it will suit even the palest of girls. It's slim enough to fit nicely in your makeup bag and the colour lasts all day.

This is the NV Lipstick in 'Siren' which I also picked out. First of all, the packaging has this gorgous shiny silver colour which looks so pretty. Also, the square shape is a bit different to the normal circular packaging of standard lipsticks, so there's no losing this product in amongst your other thousand lip products. The only down side is that it's too big to fit in my makeup storage!

The colour is an orange-red as opposed to a blue-red so is a lot more Autumnal and isn't as bright as a darker red. As it's lighter, it means it's more suitable for daytime looks. It's not shimmery like the lip pencil is, but lovely and smooth. It stays on for quite a while, but doesn't stain. That sounds odd but I've had so many brighter lipsticks stain my lips, and this one doesn't thank

Here they are swatched together. My favourite has to be the lip pencil, as since Clinique, Revlon etc came out with these, I've been obsessing. Out of all my lip pencils, this is the darkest and most purple, so it's perfect for Autumn and looks lovely against my blonde hair and pale skin!

Have you tried any of the NV makeup products?

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