As you will know so well by now, I adore Makeup Revolution. I've been working with them since they first started and have featured their products not only on my blog, but all over my Instagram, where only the best products go up. A consistently good brand, Makeup Revolution remain my favourites for the eye products*. They're affordable and of good quality. What's not to love?

(top to bottom - Tipx, Baddest Blue, Black, Vice, Depraved, Iconic Brown, Bad Girl Blue, Crime, Stardust).

The first half of these products are standard eyeliners with a very handy pencil sharpener built into the lid. First off, I have been going nuts because I lost my eyeliner sharpener, used a knife on an old eyeliner and have completely ruined it. These have saved my other liners from being thrown into the bin, staying sharp and getting a lot of use out of them.

Makeup Revolution's eyeliners are consistently good to me for a reason. They have a smooth formula which eases makeup application but also protect your eyes from being scratched. I have super sensitive eyes and eye lids and it makes a huge difference to use a product that is good on your skin. I recently found out that the Seventeen liquid eyeliner brings me out in a reaction and makes my eyelids sting which is really not what I'm after when buying an eye product.

Not only are these good eye products, but the other half are suitable for lips too! This is where the 'Hypocrisy' line comes in. The Hypocrisy products are Baddest Blue, Depraved, Crime, Tipx and Vice. These are so smooth and easy to apply to the lips. I recently featured Depraved in this blog post which I got tons of positive comments from online. I am determined to create a look using Baddest Blue as a lip liner as I think blues look beautiful next to pale skin and blonde hair.

The best thing about these liners? Theyre £1. No more "I can't afford anymore makeup" because let's me honest, you can't afford not to. Affordable, great quality and a trusted brand. What more could you ask for? I've featured a lot of other Makeup Revolution products here if you want a nose!

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