I love buying makeup online but I have the bad habit of sticking with the same brands over and over again. It's great discovering new brands or even makeup you haven't tried from brands you already love. Ideal World TV sell makeup, skincare, haircare and more over on their website and I had no idea! They've sent me over a Bloggers Box to try out some of the products they sell there to give me a taste of what they have to offer.

What first stood out to me was the Estée Lauder Stay In Place Gel Eyeliner which is a gel based eyeliner with a small brush to create precise lines with a soft satin finish. To be frank I still haven't got the hand on eyeliner but I find gel based formulas so much easier to use, and I've found since using this that I can create a thin line on the lid of my hooded eyes which makes them stand out without taking away from my eyeshadow. I've actually thrown away a cheaper gel eyeliner because this one is so good. Another makeup product that was in the box was the Skinn Rosette Eyeshadow Palette which I think is such a good dupe for the Urban Decay Naked 3, and is a fraction of the price. Also from Skinn was the Ultra Luxe Mascara which is designed to lengthen and thicken the lashes. The mascara wand has both short and long bristles to help lift and separate the lashes. An added extra was three flavoured lip balms that will soothe dry lips in the cold months!

There were a few items in the box that I'd never tried before that seem like genius ideas. The first was a light up mirror which is a great item to pop into your bag since it has white led light inside so no matter where you are, you can apply your makeup in the perfect light. The second item is the Spongellé Bourbon Vanilla, which is a sponge infused with body wash so you can wet it in the shower and get scrubbing. It's another great item to take with you if you're staying with family over Christmas as you can pack minimally with items like this. The third item I fell in love with is the Makeup Eraser. I actually picked one up in LA but haven't had time to use it yet, but since this one is all new I decided to give it a go. It's a cloth that removes makeup when wet without using extra products, and can even remove waterproof mascara. I'd previously been using a separate micellar water and eye makeup remover with cotton pads but this is far less time consuming.

Onto skincare, the product I've been using daily is the Elizabeth Grant Graceful Angel Bath & Shower Gel. It's a thick gel that lathers up to either make a bubble bath with or simply to wash with, and it's the best smelling shower gel I've ever used. I think I'll actually cry when it runs out, since it smells like so sweet and lovely. Another beautifully scented product is the lip balms that were included which have three different scents. I don't use lip balms too often until Winter, so now is the perfect time to be applying them to the lips after being out in the cold weather. The third skincare product is the Beauty Pro Rejuvenating Collagen Mask with Green Tea Extract. I have a condition where I can't produce collagen as well as others so of course I was delighted to see this. It's a sheet mask that only takes 15 minutes to work and leaves your skin feeling super soft.

I had no idea that Ideal World sold so many different beauty products, and will be picking up some more items in the near future! They stock brands like Gucci, Armani, YSL, Burberry and more, so if you're looking for makeup or fragrances, have a look on their website to see what you can pick up today.
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