If I could have one wish when it came to makeup, it would be that it would take less time. Although I really enjoy putting my makeup on, sometimes it takes a lot longer than it used to now there are more products on the market like highlighters and brow pomades. My base makeup is the quickest to apply, and I've found the items that take the longest are the most fiddly. Charlotte Tilbury has created the five minute makeup bags that you can use to create quick and easy makeup in a flash. They're £55 on the John Lewis website with four different looks to choose from, so as a blonde I chose the best kit for me; the Red Carpet Party Look*. 

The kits were inspired by the quick makeup Charlotte herself applies to supermodels and starlets, making their skin glow without taking much time. She describes it as makeup magic; a secret weapon to glamourous and seductive makeup. The real beauty in the kits is that they suit anyone as they include items to finish off your look to help you feel good, fresh and flawless. The Red Carpet set contains a Lip Cheat Liner in 'Kiss 'N' Tell' (£16), Matt Revolution Lipstick in 'Red Carpet' (£23), Rock 'N' Kohl Eyeliner in 'Barbarella Brown' (£16), a Wonderglow mini and a beautiful makeup bag to store it all in. In effect, the £55 goes straight towards the full-sized products so you get a free Wonderglow mini and makeup bag which is great value for money. 

I've used the Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks and lip liners before, as my boyfriend had actually picked them up in a John Lewis store for my birthday's and as gifts for Valentine's Day. Her lip products have always stayed on me all day and the precision tips make it so quick to apply. When the kit arrived I was excited to try Wonderglow the most, as I've never tried any of her face products before. The formula is meant to 'redirect the light to more flattering angles' of your face which will be interesting to try given I have combination skin. The Rock 'N' Kohl eyeliner is the most beautiful colour and looks a lot better on me instead of my usual black liner. It contains crushed pearl powder to hydrate the skin and smooth the surface of the eyelid to make it easier to achieve a perfect line.

The makeup bag itself is stunning and I love that you can see inside it since I tend to overpack when travelling, it will actually make it faster for me to pack. Of course you have the stunning rose gold packaging of the lipstick and lip liner to make your makeup even prettier than before. I tried this whole look for the first time a few days ago and it saved so much time not fiddling with eyeshadow and blending it out, drawing focus to the lips for a classier look. If you're looking to pick one up yourself. click here, especially for the free delivery too!
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