I'm someone who can be totally besotted by pretty stationery. I've always wandered past Kate Spade items thinking they were well out of my budget so there wasn't much falling in love with things I couldn't afford. I didn't realise that their stationery was beautiful and affordable over on Rooi.com along with other well-known brands such as Ban.do, Liberty of London and many more. I want to share with you two of my favourite items that they stock; the Kate Spade Gold Strike Pen Set (£19.95)* and the Kate Spade Floral Spiral Notepad (£11.95 but now £9.56)*.

The Gold Strike Pen Set is a box filled with 6 black ink pens that can jazz up your pen pot or add a metallic touch to your Instagram photos. They look luxurious and I did feel posher than I would care to admit when using them and feel like I should save them until I'm writing out wedding invitations because they're just so pretty. I actually used one pen to show in a demonstration below and then put it back in the packaging as I don't want to scratch them. It got me thinking, this would make a lovely present to someone whether it be for a new job, a wedding gift or a birthday present. Even the outer packaging is more expensive-looking than the regular plastic bag you get with regular pens.

The Floral Spiral Notebook has gold binding and with a pink floral design on the front. It's filled with 160 lined pages so you could turn it into a diary, bullet journal, to do list or a notepad for jotting down your thoughts. I prefer notebooks to traditional diary formatting so I can customise the book myself with no limits. The paper seems high quality from when I've used it and is thick enough to ensure that any ink you use doesn't seep through. The gold spiral running throughout is a lovely touch and shows the attention to detail that the brand Kate Spade brings. The flower and leaves on the front add a feminine touch and I can tell it will be popular amongst Pinterest fans. 

I'm absolutely in love with these products and think I'll be turning the notebook into a personal thoughts diary to help me with anxiety, especially with the front cover being distracting in a positive way. Whilst I could talk about Kate Spade items all day, I wanted to share a bit more about the online store Rooi who have worked with me today. Not only do they sell stationery, the sell home items for your bedroom, bathroom, dining room and accessories, they have a pet section and a scarf section too, meaning there is something for everyone. They also have items that would be great for Mother's Day, with free gift wrapping on all orders and free delivery on orders over £50. They pride themselves in only stocking high-quality items which is exactly what I look for when I'm looking to buy gifts or to treat myself. So, will you be picking anything up from Rooi?