I fell in love with Jamie's Italian when I went with my boyfriend and have been going ever since. Whether it be for a special occasion, making use of the Gold Card or even just popping in for lunch after spending the morning shopping. One appetiser I love is the Bread Basket that comes with a little pot of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Before I started learning to cook thanks to Jamie Oliver's cook books which I'm obsessed with, I never knew that there were different types of olive oil and the infographic below shows a handy guide for buying olive oil for yourself.

I've been using pure olive oil to cook with as it adds to the taste instead of using vegetable oil. I didn't realise that there were different purposes to using certain olive oils so this has opened my eyes a little and makes me want to get my cook books out again to explore further. If you're into Jamie's Italian or like these types of food posts, make sure to check out my other food infographic posts out too.

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