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Summer Beauty With Coliseum Shopping Park | AD

The summer holidays are getting underway for many of us after looking forward to them for many months. Increased temperatures, bright days and the chance to get out in the sun is why it's such a great time of year. Getting summer beauty ready is something you'll be thinking about in preparation for your travels and finding the items you need is something that you want to be an easy process. I've been working with Coliseum Shopping Park to help you get everything you'll need for the summer season. It's located in Ellesmere Port and is really easy to get to from places such as Liverpool, Warrington, Chester, North Wales and other similar areas. I picked up a few items from Debenhams, Boots & Superdrug when I was there recently to help me achieve a summer glow along with some more essentials for the summer months. Some skincare bits I purchased were the Superdrug Deep Action Shine Control Solution to help maintain a natural glow by limiting the oil on my skin, with the Superdrug Deep Action Blemish Solution to help to clear up my skin. 

The Saddle Sore Soothing Balm is designed to help nourish your skin and can be used after you have shaved or waxed. Concealer is a staple product in many makeup bags and can be a saviour to have with you while you're out in case of accidental smudges of your makeup, with the Collection Concealer I bought lasting up to 16 hours you can rely on it to stay put. These Eylure Enchanted Eyelashes I chose were exactly the style I prefer and the featherlight feel makes them perfect for this time of year. The last few bits I picked up were to help with my skincare, the Simple Micellar Water for removing my makeup, St Ives Apricot Scrub to exfoliate for glowing skin along with the Naturally Radiant Brightening Eye Cream coming in handy to apply at night to brighten and smooth the eye area and also reduce signs of fatigue. I also bought a T-zone Holographic Peel Off Mask that is designed to moisturise and brighten the skin. Even while you've got it on your skin you'll appear to have a glow. The Garnier SPF50 Sensitive Advanced Sun Cream will come in useful throughout the summer as it is important to protect your skin even if you want a glowing tan. 

Makeup will help you to achieve that summer glow and there are a range of things you can pick from the stores in Coliseum to help you get the look you want. Summer makeup could be light, fresh and effortless to show off your natural glow or alternatively, you could go for something with really bright and bold colours which could tie in with more festival-style looks. This could be eyeshadows, highlighter, lip gloss, glitter or all these to pull off that summer look with the help of your makeup.  

Fragrances are something else that you'll switch up for the summer season to get a more floral, fruity and vibrant scent. A perfume like the Marc Jacobs Daisy Love Eau So Sweet has white raspberry top notes, daisy tree petal heart notes and sugar musks base notes to give a sweet freshness that is ideal for summer. Finding the perfect scent for you can often be a hard choice when there are so many available, so being able to test the perfumes while shopping at Coliseum stores such as Debenhams, Boots and Superdrug allows you see if you like the scent before purchasing.

Skincare is another part of getting ready for the warmer months and there is a range of products to help you with this. Cleansing your skin will help with applying makeup and gives it a better chance of staying put on those long hot days. Wearing suncream while out in the sun is something that very important to ensure you protect your skin and also let you achieve a healthy tan. Using products such as aftersun will also make sure your skin can recover properly, so be sure to pick up these products when browsing in the shops. I've dyed my hair a number of colours over the previous years and it has often been this time of year that I've decided to do it. Getting a more summery colour might be something you're interested in, whether this is for your holiday, a festival or just because you fancy a change. Styling your hair using items such as the Mark Hill Tongs can help your hair to look bouncy and shiny.

When shopping at Coliseum Shopping Park, there are a number of different makeup counters within Boots and Debenhams where you can get help and advice on the products you are looking at buying so you can ensure you pick up what's right for you. This could be deciding on a new perfume, picking out some new lippy or getting matched for your foundation so that you can come away happy. If you're looking to get summer beauty ready, it's definitely worth heading to Coliseum Shopping Park for all the bits you need and when you're done shopping you could head over to the cinema or restaurants located on the same complex.

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Feeling The 90's Nostalgia | AD

Being born in 1993, I was very much a 90's kid. There are a lot of things I remember about growing up such as watching Clueless, which is now one of my favourite all time films. I always found myself being drawn to Cher's character, probably because of the blonde hair and dress sense. I actually own a yellow check skirt that matches what she wore all those years ago. Other parts of the 90's style, such as the bright clothing, various shades of pink and a lot of dungarees and pinafores fitted in with my entire wardrobe. Looking back at old photos of me as a child, I was often pictured in a top with denim dungarees over the top. Music for me at the time was dominated by a few bands such as Britney Spears, S Club 7, Steps and in particular the Spice Girls, whom I began listening to when I was a little kid and never looked back.

Walkers, the UK's favourite crisp brand, has teamed up with the Spice Girls to run a competition to claim the title of "best ever fan" and win VIP tickets to a Spice Girls concert, an exclusive meet & greet and 5* accommodation and travel. The Spice Girls released 'Wannabe', their first single, in 1996 that went to the top of the charts in 37 countries and their first album 'Spice' sold over 31 million copies across the globe. After releasing 13 singles, 3 studio albums along with picking up a range of awards, they are reuniting for a stadium tour. This is going to be the first time they are back on stage together since the London 2012 Olympics. Their tour started on the 24th May in Dublin and stops off at a number of other cities to then finish in London on the 15th June. This competition is now closed.

Baby Spice has always been my favourite, partly due to me having a very similar hair and complexion. Even when she is pictured above with pink hair, it still reminds me of my pink hair phase I had a few years ago. Click on the video below to see what happened when the Spice Girls went to surprise the 'number one Spice Girls fan'.

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Getting Wedding Ready | AD

In collaboration with Cosmetify

Weddings are one of the biggest and most important events you will probably attend, whether this is as a guest, part of the wedding party or it's you that is getting married. Preparing for a wedding involves a number of things, including sorting out everything beauty related. This is where Cosmetify comes in. It's a website that lets you discover all things beauty, be it hair, makeup, skincare, grooming, toiletries or electricals. You can search the site for the items you're wanting, and with nearly 1,500 brands, over 155,000 products across 29 beauty retailers there should be more than enough for you to choose from. Having a user-friendly website makes things nice and easy to find what you are looking for, with the filter option allowing you to compare items by price, ingredients and brand. This time of year signals the start of the most popular time for tying the knot, and with my own wedding being in May next year, I'm starting to look at the various items I'll need for my big day.

I've been thinking for a while about what types of things I'd like for my wedding and what I need to be doing to prepare. Getting my skincare routine sorted will be important to ensure my skin is as good as it can be, so being able to search through the different options would come in very handy to help find something. I've used various skincare products previously and have wanted more choice to ensure that what I find will be best suited to my skin. Nails are another key consideration for the day, and I've already been looking around to see what style and colour options I could go for but have yet to have any luck so I'm keen to see the ranges on Cosmetify. When it comes to makeup for a wedding you can do it a few different ways. Some people will pay to get this done by a makeup artist, and others choose to do it themselves. I'm swaying more towards doing it myself as I know what style I like and don't want to worry about someone else doing it how they think I should have it rather than what I want. It also means I can practice as many times as I like to perfect the look I want.

When it comes to wedding prep it might be easier to overlook what the groom may need. Cosmetify doesn't just cater to the brides, as they have a big range of men's grooming products too. I know my husband-to-be will be wanting to find some items including an aftershave for the day, something to help sort out his facial hair along with some hair wax that he can test out to ensure that his hairstyle will remain in place all day. For doing a wedding party proposal for both the bridesmaids and groomsmen, we made a box and filled it with a mix of products to help them get ready on the day, along with some token gifts, so a website like this allows you to not only search for yourself but to find goodies for others too.

Gola Classics Women's Trainers Suede Review

I've got quite a variety of shoe styles which I've picked up over the years but have only started to get into trainers more recently, now opting to choose a pair of shoes that are comfy and can be picked out quickly when putting together an outfit. Gola recently got in touch to work with me to review some of their trainers. After browsing their selection I ended up picking out the pretty pink Classics Women's Trainer in Suede. The brand was created in Britain back in 1905, with their British heritage still being a big part of what they do. In the 1960's and 70's, it was the number one British sportswear brand that was worn by a number of famous sports legends. Classic trainer designs are still produced as part of their collection, along with rethinking the design of others to make them current and fresh.

The pair of trainers that I decided to pick out were the Gola Classics Women's Trainer Suede (£70.00*) in Blossom/White and I love them. These trainers were originally released back in 1969 so have been around for quite some time now. Their heritage style has a deep edge foxing in white that runs around the entire shoe and contrasts well against the blossom suede upper. Matching coloured laces and the gold details of the brand name finish the look to create a stylish and well rounded trainer that looks good while also providing the comfort you want.

I love the colour of these as I've not got anything like this which is perfect for giving more choice when it comes to styling an outfit. They provide a great flexible option as the trainer can compliment a range of styles while also providing a comfortable pair of shoes. I've found them lightweight to wear which makes them ideal for wearing when you're going to be in them all day. You can tell that creating high-quality footwear is a key part of Gola's mindset, as these trainers feel well made and provide some assurance that they will last. If you keep them clean and tidy then you should never need to replace them.

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Japanese Tableware From Sous Chef

I've enjoyed cooking for a number of years now and have developed my taste for different foods which means I've been able to experience foods and flavours from different countries in my own kitchen. My tastes and preferences have changed with time but I seem to have settled on Asian food being my favourite. If I had to choose a few dishes I'd have to go for chicken ramen, katsu curry, vegetable sushi, chow mein and sweet & sour chicken. I've tried a number of Asian meals in restaurants but have been wanting to try these dishes at home.

Sous Chef contacted me to see if I'd want to try out some of their Japanese Tableware. They are an online store that has collections of equipment, gifts, ingredients and tableware for those who love to cook. The stoneware items come in a mixture of designs and colours which gives you the choice where you can mix and match your dishes with the styles you like. The first product I received was the White & Grey Swoosh Noodle Bowl (£12.50). It's a deep bowl that will be ideal for stews, noodles and soups as you will be able to get plenty of the broth or sauce for the full flavour experience. I've never really eaten soups in the past as English soups have never really appealed to me, but some Asian style ones or French onion soup are ones that'd I want to try so this bowl would be ideal.

The other tableware item I received was the Sakura Blossom Ramen Bowl (£19.50). This would be perfect for serving generous portions of ramen and miso broth so would be ideal if you fancy a warming meal in the colder months. I normally go for chicken ramen but I'll be picking up some cookbooks to look at more recipes. An added bonus with this bowl is that it's microwave and dishwasher safe which makes things that bit easier. If you are into cooking and fancy trying out something new or topping up your cupboards with some good quality products, or want to start or add to your collection of tableware then it will be worth checking out what Sous Chef offers.

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Beauty Shopping At Coliseum Shopping Park*

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I was recently invited to go and explore Coliseum Shopping Park to go and shop for some beauty items and do some more retail therapy. The park is based around 35 minutes away from me, in South Liverpool, and it's easy to find just off the M53. There is plenty of parking available within the retail park so it won't be far to pop your purchases into the boot before moving onto the next store. Coliseum Shopping Park is open from 9am until 8pm during the week, 8am to 8pm on Saturdays and 11am to 5pm on Sundays so there should be a convenient time for you to visit. It features quite a few major stores, and I headed over to Boots to pick up some beauty bits.

The first item I picked up was the Spectrum Mean Girls 7 Piece Lip Brush Set and Bag (£40.00) which is something I've been looking at for ages. I've always loved Spectrum but have never owned a set of their brushes before, so when they brought out this Mean Girls Burn Book themed set, it just seemed the perfect one to choose. Along with the 7 brushes, the set includes a silicone blending sponge, a hot pink bag and the burn book compact mirror. I love the look of these brushes, so it didn't take me long to put them in my makeup brush storage that you can see in the background of the picture.

The second product I went for was the Spa in a Jar from Sanctuary Spa (£10.00). Having something to help you have a relaxing wind-down and give yourself a spa treatment in your own home will be welcomed. The gift jar contains a body wash, body lotion, foaming bath soak, hand cream and a body puff. I love how this is all packaged up in one jar which could fit nicely in the bathroom so that you have all of your products in one place, and then it gives you a reusable jar for your other items. The last item I got from Boots was the Jack Wills Cosmetic Brush Gift Set (£15.00). There are 4 brushes included along with a brush pouch. I often struggle with taking my makeup brushes away with me, so having a bag for them would be useful. Due to its handy size, it could be the perfect set to pop in your suitcase when you are going away on a short trip.

I had a great day shopping at Coliseum Shopping Park and it was lovely to see it all festive, with the Christmas tree looking particular nice once the sun had gone down and the lights were shining brightly. There are a number of big name stores in the park which makes it easier to find yourself some items, whether this is for yourself or ones you are picking up for friends and family.

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