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Halloween Decorations At Home Bargains

Halloween has to be my favourite time of the year. Something about all the costumes, the movies, going trick or treating as a child, it all just comes together to make it such a fun and exciting time. My favourite Halloween film has to be The Nightmare Before Christmas and I'll watch it every year without fail. I've always enjoyed decorating the house to make it look all spooky and love a good pumpkin calving session, even if it does take ages to get it looking good. When Home Bargains got in touch and wanted to send over a box of Halloween goodies I was so excited as you can never have enough Halloween things! 

There was a variety of items within this box to help provide all the things you should need for a spooky night in. A useful item for any Halloween look is the family make up set which contains mini makeup sticks, colour makeup, cream makeup, sponges, mini lipstick and mini nail polish. To add to the costume there were a couple of mask options, one masquerade style and one like a pumpkin. For decoration, I received some themed balloons, a 3-metre long set of bunting, a window sticker, fake skeleton, creepy eyeballs and a skull-shaped drinks glass. To finish the Halloween package off, it had some limited edition darkside Skittles and some sugary favourites lollies and sweets.

If you want to get yourself some Halloween themed goodies, Home Bargains have a selection of items to help decorate the house, disguise yourself in a costume as well as provide you with some sweet treats. You can also do this without breaking the bank as they are reasonably priced so that you can get everything you want for the perfect Halloween party. They also have a range of children's costumes too so you'll be able to get something for the whole family. There's not long left before Halloween so you'll be best to head there now to ensure you're kitted out in time for Wednesday 31st October. I can't wait for the fun to begin at Halloween, where you can watch scary films and eat Halloween themed chocolate.
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A Birthday Biscuit Treat From Biscuiteers

My birthday is coming up at the end of this week and I'm marking a quarter of a century. I was lucky enough to be sent the Birthday Treats Biscuit Tin (£35.00) to review by Biscuiteers. The brand idea was thought up one weekend when the founders took a trip to New York. The aim of creating these biscuits was for them to "look as beautiful as they tasted". After launching in September 2007, the company has maintained the same handmade approach to producing their biscuits, which means every biscuit is unique.

As soon as unwrapped the package I was greeted by a pretty and distinctive tin that was housing the biscuits. I opened the lid to find 8 beautifully designed biscuits that almost looked too good to eat. I was immediately impressed by the detail and it was clear that much care had gone into producing them. The range of designs gave a new feel to this type of product as there was clearly effort gone into these to ensure they all had an individual design. The biscuits tasted nice and fresh and had a good crunch to them without being too dry. Even though the biscuits were reasonably thick, they still had a good icing to biscuit ratio which was nice to see. 

For those times when you'd like to get someone a gift but you don't live close to them, this would be a good option for you to place the order online and get them delivered to their door. These biscuits could be a perfect alternative to giving someone flowers and would show that you have thought about their gift. As Biscuiteers have a few different box styles, they could also be a perfect option to be bought for work events when you want to have something a little different to the standard pack of biscuits that are normally used. If you'd like to order some biscuits for a gift, or even to treat yourself, check out the Biscuiteers range on their website and find the ones that are right for you.

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Saying Yes To Accepting Your Skin*

It's taken quite a while for me to accept my skin, and I've realised that it is okay to have spots and it's okay to go out without having a full face of makeup. Everyone is different and we all have our own priorities when it comes to skin care depending on your skin type. I have combination skin and I like trying out products that will help unclog my skin and fix the worst blemishes that I sometimes get when I'm having a low self-confidence day. I've been lucky enough to try out some of the skincare products from Yes to and take some different pictures than I'd usually take for the blog. I'd heard of Yes to before but never tried anything out, as I've had a bit of a weird journey when it comes to skincare. My skin changes throughout the year, and right now it's in-between seasons so my skin is really struggling. It's great to try out some of their charcoal and tomatoes products to see if they make a difference.

Yes to have been around since 2006 and have been developing beauty products made from fruit and vegetables. The brand has experienced rapid growth in the US and has been the fastest growing natural beauty brand. Every one of the Yes to products has at least 95% natural ingredients and contain no parabens. None of their products includes any chemical sunscreens or any other harmful ingredients as well as the brand being cruelty-free and a certified member of the Leaping Bunny Program.

I have tried a number of face masks and enjoy using them as a soothing and relaxing way to cleanse your skin. The single-use Detoxifying Charcoal Mud Mask (£2.99) is designed for combination & blemish prone skin. It contains charcoal and salicylic acid to get rid of the impurities and also helping to maintain clear skin. Another one of their masks is the Detoxifying Charcoal Sleeping Mask (£2.99) which is suitable for all skin types. This single-use mask is designed to be used after one of their other masks, or even on its own and should result in your skin feeling clean, soft and super smooth. You won't have to worry about wearing it to bed as it will not transfer onto your pillow. The last full face single-use mask I received is the Blemish Fighting Paper Mask (£2.99) for those with combination & blemish prone skin. Created using salicylic acid and tomato extracts and works in two ways. Firstly to eliminate any current blemishes, and secondly to help prevent any new ones. 

One of the products that I was keen to try was the 2-Step Nose Kit: Buh-Bye Clogged Pores! (£4.99). Any skin types can use this product and helps to clean out those pores to leave you with a clean nose. You apply the charcoal cleanser with the large bud applicator to help detox the area and rinse when you are done. While the nose area is still wet, you apply the nose strip which helps to remove blackheads, as well as oil and dirt to give a deep clean. You get that strange satisfaction when peeling off the nose strips and I'd love if they had some larger area ones of these. I've seen targetted spot treatments before but I haven't come across is the Blemish Fighting Zit Zapping Dots (£7.99) which come in a pack of 24 and will work for combination & acne prone skin. They are small adhesive pads that you apply to individual spots so that you can target the problem area which I really like the idea of.

Sometimes you may not have time to sit down and apply one of the other products, so having something like the Blemish Clearing Facial Wipes (£3.99) would be ideal. Designed more for those with combination & blemish prone skin, these wipes can help clear and heal your skin while targetting issues such as acne as well as assisting with controlling oil. I appreciate a good mud mask as I feel like they are the most authentic type of mask. The Detoxifying Charcoal Mud Mask (£11.99) can be used for all skin types and is designed to give you the most luxurious experience to cleanse your skin. Helping with impurities and preventing blemishes, this creamy mask will help you to relax. Another product for any skin type is the Detoxifying Charcoal 2-in-1 Scrub & Cleanser Stick (£9.99). If you want something that can exfoliate and cleanse at the same time, this stick could be for you. The charcoal powder will help to remove any excess oil and impurities while the tomato extract ensures your skin if left naturally clear.

If you have acne prone skin then this cleanser may be perfect for you. The Detoxifying Charcoal Cleanser (£8.99) contains jojoba spheres which allow for a gentle exfoliation, with the purifying ingredients helping to clear your skin without drying it out. Something that you can quickly pop on and then carry on with your day is the Daily Repair Treatment (£11.99). This product absorbs quickly into your skin, doesn't contain and oil and won't clog the skin. It's so light that you will barely notice you are wearing it and can be worn alone or with a light layer of moisturiser such as the Daily Balancing Moisturiser (£11.99). It is packed full of antioxidants to help nourish and even out your skin. It's a great way to ensure your skin stays hydrated and can be applied to both your skin and neck on a regular basis. 

As I mentioned before, it's okay to be comfortable with the skin you have but sometimes you may want to tackle particular problem areas. If you want to try out natural skincare products then you can check out the Zit Zapping Dots or the Blemish Clearing Facial Wipes in Sainsbury's or any of the other products in Boots.

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Win A Huda Beauty Obsessions Palette

I only started using Huda Beauty products in December and I fell for them pretty quickly. I was keen to try out the Faux Filter Foundation as I love a full coverage foundation, and aside from that, all I knew I wanted was some eyeshadow palettes. I swore I wouldn't buy Huda Beauty products here but after receiving the Desert Dusk palette for Christmas and two of the Obsessions palettes, I immediately changed my mind. For me, they work really well. I like a shadow that looks silky, a shimmer that glimmers and the lasting power even when using an eyeshadow primer. The Obsessions palettes are perfect for travelling with, they're a good introduction to the brand if you're new to trying them, or if you're looking for something at a specific price point. Currently there are six Huda Beauty Obsessions palettes:  Coral Obsessions PaletteElectric Obsessions PaletteGemstones Obsessions PaletteMauve Obsessions PaletteWarm Brown Obsessions Palette and Smokey Obsessions Palette. I'm giving you the chance to win one of your choice down below as a thank you for supporting me for almost four and a half years of blogging, and for bearing with me whilst I've been moving house.

UK entries only. 'Win A Huda Beauty Obsessions Palette' giveaway ends 26th August at 11:59pm. You must follow @laurahadleyx and still be following by the time the giveaway ends. To enter, follow @laurahadleyx and on Twitter and retweet the tweet to qualify, quote retweets and replies are not permitted. For an extra entry, follow @laurahadleyx on Instagram. Winner will be notified via Twitter. The prize will be posted within 15 working days of receiving the winner's details and choice of palette. No cash alternative.

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How To Create A Blog Post For All Types Of Bloggers

It may be tempting to go straight into doing your post but this can sometimes cause you trouble further down the line. Spending a bit of time thinking about what you want your post to be like is always worth it. Some of the key things to identify are what style you want the post to be written in, such as a review, chatty post or an advice piece. When you have the idea in your head, you can set out a timeline for yourself to achieve your finalised blog post, taking and editing your photos, writing your content and then doing your last checks before hitting publish. Starting a blog is quite straightforward, so to really make the most out of blogging you should plan each post out even if you're just writing for a hobby.  

Taking photos for your blog is one of the most vital elements and can really compliment what you're writing about. One of the most important things when taking your photos is to consider the lighting situation. This can make or break the outcome of your photos. Where possible try to use natural lighting as this will give the best balance. If this isn't possible, aim to use some form of artificial lighting such as box lights or similar. Think about where you'll be shooting to make sure you have a suitable background, while the use of props can really bring your photos to life. There are a whole range of camera lenses available and using the right one can noticeably improve your picture and give you different options, such as blurry backgrounds. I use two cameras for my photos, the Olympus Pen E-PL7 and the Panasonic Lumix G6. After finishing taking the photos, there are a couple of ways to get your photos onto your device for editing. One helpful article about 'How to Transfer Images from your Lumix' explains how to do this. Once your photos are on your device, you can choose which way to edit them. I edit my blog photos on Photoshop but similar programmes and websites can help you achieve the same edit.

When it comes to writing your blog post it can sometimes be the point where you don't know where to start. This is where you can refer back to your plan to see how you intended to write the post and what needs to be included, as this will help you break it down into sections. If you concentrate on a smaller section at a time, it makes it easier to write. Letting your creative mind flow is great once you've got hang of it, but even if you get stuck you can look for some inspiration and you'll soon be right on track. Once you feel that your post is finished, go back over and read through it one more time. This will help you to spot mistakes you may have missed, along with slight improvements that could be made to make your writing that bit better.

It can be easy to publish your post and think that your work is complete but promoting your post is really important to get people to be able to see your post. Think about how often you want to share it and one what platform. Make use of the photos in your blog post to include in your social promotion as this will help to catch the eye of people scrolling through their feed. The better photos you get, the higher quality your Pinterest and Instagram feeds will be, and posts with photos tend to gain more views from Twitter and Facebook. Overall, having better photos should boost your engagement and increase traffic to your site, and help you find more blogging opportunities.

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New From Fragrance Direct: Daisy Love EDT By Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs is one of the superior fragrance brands in the UK, and their new fragrance Daisy Love does not disappoint. Like the other scents in the Daisy range, the bottle has an oversized daisy on the bottle which is making my makeup desk really pretty as it's full of flowers now. The pink hue in the fragrance itself is complementary to the bottle design and I love the simplicity of the bottles whilst still making them look dainty and delightful. This scent is perfect for the summertime and isn't overwhelming by any means. Fragrance Direct sent me over the 30ml sized bottle to try out and review and I have to say I'm as just in love with Daisy Love as I am with the other scents in the range.

The scent was created by master perfumer Alberto Morillas and is sweeter than the original Marc Jacobs Daisy. It's a floral and fresh fragrance with top notes of Crystalised Cloudberries to give it that sweet and fruity scent, heart notes of Daisy Tree Petals for floral hints and base notes of Cashmere Musks and Driftwood for a woody, musky tone. The theme around this Eau De Toilette is to fill the air with "a contagious love of life" and is simply irresistible. The entire Daisy range from Marc Jacobs is fruity and floral with different notes depending on your taste but I seem to love them all. I originally started out with Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream as I tried a tester in Sephora in Paris and since then Marc Jacobs as a brand has been far my favourite as I tend to sway towards more light and fruity fragrances.

It lasts all day which is great for an EDT and isn't overpowering which is perfect for me. I spritz a little bit in my hair and I've already had compliments on it even though I've not had it too long. The video for the EDT is set on a beach with the sunset with the 'loves me, loves me not' rhyme which I think works really well for the fragrance as it's a clean and simple scent that is great for this time of year. Fragrance Direct currently have a saving on Daisy Love making it £32.95 from £42.00, and bigger discounts on the 50ml and 100ml bottles. 

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