On the 16th of May 2020 it would have been our wedding day. But thanks to Coronavirus, it was cancelled. We decided to celebrate anyway and have a lot of fun with it. It wasn't a sad day for us at all. We got dressed up and took photos and had a lot of fun. We listened to some songs and picked out our first dance song, which has changed since the original one we had picked in University, which was Twenty One Pilots cover of the Elvis Presley song 'Can't Help Falling In Love'. We have decided to definitely have that feature somewhere during the wedding somewhere.

We dressed up nice to take some photos because I did not want photos of me in pyjamas to go on Instagram, even if I do refer to them as my 'workwear'. Andy wore a navy suit that he's had for quite a few years but doesn't wear often so it looks brand new. He also wore the tie clip that I had bought for the original wedding, with the date 16.05.2020 inscribed on it. He has since decided that he is going to wear it on our new wedding as a nod to the original date but also because it looks nice and he is not about wasting money. I had already bought some nice dresses from Chi Chi London for multiple events I was supposed to be attending this year, which all but one have since been cancelled. I straightened my hair twice, but it kept frizzing up so I left it as it was. We then went back into the living room and played our new favourite game, Dead By Daylight Mobile. I had bought the PC version a while ago when it was on a discount on Steam, but my laptop can't run it. It's fine with The Sims and all the expansion packs I've been collecting since September 2014, but this game it does not like. But the new mobile version means me and Andy can both play so every evening now we have a 1-2 game time which is nice. No this is not sponsored, we just really like the game.

Andy went out to the shops, as he was finally allowed out after a 14-day quarantine after I had an unexpected trip to hospital in April. He bought us a red velvet cake which I love, and we cut that with the cake slice device that his Grandma Peggy bought us for our housewarming. We very cringelly (is that even a word?) fed each other a slice like you might do at a wedding. Notice how I made Andy's piece a lot bigger than mine. After this we had a healthy picnic with some of our favourite foods. We had a salad, cheese barms, beetroot and pickled onions which are my favourites, sliced canteloupe and honeydew melon, crisps, houmous and carrots. Since I went vegetarian last year, I've enjoyed eating different foods and trying them out. Later on, we ordered a curry from our favourite takeaway 'Landmark Indian Restaurant' in Liverpool. We had Quron Massala, Quorn Passanda, pilau rice, garlic naan and a poppadom each. We couldn't have rounded the day off without this. All in all, it was a lovely day. You can read about what it's like to cancel your wedding in this post here.