I've never, ever used a foundation that wasn't in a liquid form. Okay, apart from that awful Dream Matte foundation circa 2006 which will probably haunt everyone who used it's dreams. Anyway, I have a lot of trust in liquid foundations for many reasons. I have combination skin and liquids nicely sit on top of my skin without being absorbed too much. I can buff them in with a brush and build up the layers to perfect my look. The thought of using anything else scares me slightly. The L'Oréal Paris True Match Genius* (RRP £12.99) is a 4 in 1 product. You can use it as a primer, foundation, concealer or powder depending on how and where you apply it.

To apply the product you use the sponge provided to gently press the makeup onto the skin. Once doing this I realised I wasn't going to get enough coverage needed to use it as a foundation so if you're looking to use it purely for a foundation I'd recommend getting a beauty blender as you'll be able to pick up more product and buff it into the skin better. I don't have one so haven't used the True Match Genius just for a foundation. I think the sponge they provide is maybe too thin but maybe that's because I'm used to using makeup brushes. L'Oréal say that it has the coverage and fluidity of a liquid formula but I guess when I get a beauty blender I will probably see these results. Maybe it's just me not being used to using a sponge.

As a primer it works well but doesn't completely keep my oily skin at bay. It didn't highlight any dry patches though which was good. Using it as a concealer with a brush it gives enough coverage for undereyes and spots as you wouldn't buff it in like you would a foundation, just dabbing it on until blended. It doesn't cake which is a major pet peeve of mine with some concealers. As a powder it is just the right finish as it looks powdery (as opposed to a dewy finish you find with some multipurpose products).

I tried two shades in Linen and Rose Vanilla and although the lighter shade (on the left) matched my skin tone better, the darker shade made me look a bit more healthy. The shades are pretty good in the range as there are 6 shades available, Linen being the lightest. The compact itself is slim so perfect for storing either in your 5 stack acrylic drawers or keeping it in your handbag for a touch up.

Overall I definitely think I need to play around with this product more. From swatching on my hand it has the ability to be an amazing product, it is the application on my behalf that stops it being the perfect foundation. I'll be reporting back once buying a thicker sponger which will make it easier to apply. The True Match range as a few new products out including their reformulated True Match Foundation (available in 21 shades) which would be interesting to try out. Their Touch Magique (similar to the YSL alternative) is new out and there are now True Match blushers which come in the most beautiful colours. Their complete range is in stores now and worth checking out in my opinion.

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