This is just a small idea of what my BarryM nail collection is like. This is just a quick post to show you my favourites.

Berry (lilac) looks amazing next to dark coloured clothing, even better paired with a lilac lipstick. It is a winter colour but you can easily take this through to summer and would look amazing next to both pale and tanned skin.

Matte Red was my most worn nail varnish this winter. It goes with everything. I didn't just wear it coming up to Christmas, it was on my nails non-stop since I bought it in October. This finish is gorgeous, one you would expect if you had gotten your nails pained professionally. I'd recommend this to anyone who loves a matte finish as it is so classy and the colour is gorgeous!

Glitter nail varnishes have always been a must-have for me. I tend to get bored quite easily wearing one nail varnish, so I either put glitter as a top coat on, or just do one finger per hand in glitter. The multi-coloured glitters are so pretty on your nails!

The baby blue textured nail varnish was also a big favourite of mine. The colour is one you can wear all year round, just like any pastel colour. The feel of it is quite odd at first, but adds a new dimension to your nails which makes them stand out without being too brash.

I have always stuck to my guts coming to nail varnish and I'm terribly reluctant to try a nail varnish that isn't branded my BarryM as they are so consistent and trustworthy. I've never had a problem with any of their varnishes and they update their collections quite often, which means everytime I am in Superdrug I spend ages in the BarryM section trying to decide which ones to try next. I'd recommend BarryM to anyone as they have different colours and textures to suit all ages.