I've not actually been tagged to do this post, but I thought it would mix it up a little.This is because I've ordered the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation but it isn't due to arrive until next Wednesday, so I thought it would be fun to do a more personal post until I think of something else to blog about! If you want to do this tag yourself, then I tag YOU!.

#1 I am a natural blonde
#2  I am short-average at 5ft 4"
 #3 I am originally from Liverpool
#4 In total I used to have 5 piercings (3 lobes, stomach, cartilage) but I now only have my lobes done
#5 I love baking
#6 I am a dog person, definitely not a cat person
#7 I have a sister and a brother
#8 My favourite drink is milkshake
#9 My favourite colour is blue
#10 I am a law student
#11 I would love for my career to be in fashion/beauty/business/marketing etc, NOT law
#12 I am 20 years old
#13 I've not been abroad in 3 years and it makes me so sad!
#14 I am open to trying new products and going out of my comfort zone
#15 I seem to feel the cold very easily, you'll see me wrapped up a lot
#16 I'm going to Paris for the first time in October for mine/my boyfriends 21st birthday and I am beyond excited!
#17 When I'm bored, I go on Topshop and add everything I love to the basket, then close the tab. It just passes time when I'm procrastinating :')
#18 My favourite author is Richard Montanari. If you love crime/thriller books then check his Byrne/Bolzano character series out. I'm hooked.
#19 I hiccup EVERY day. People pick up on it and laugh but I guess it's just a unique quirk.
#20 I previously had a part time job in a Bowling Alley, but now I'm looking for a job over summer or an internship... help me?
#21 I've never climbed a tree before. Seriously feel like I'm missing out
#22 My hair is naturally curly, so when I first had a significant amount of hair it looked like a blonde afro. So cute.
#23 As I have blonde eyebrows, I have to fill mine in to avoid pictures taken with flash making me look like an alien. Drives me mad.
#24 I live, for the time being, in Newcastle Upon Tyne, and I love the city.
#25 My nan really helped bring me up and she was basically like a mother to me. I love her so much. I miss my other nan though :(
#26 I don't like having my feet out or looking at other people's feet. It's weird.
#27 Cider and Sourz make me feel really ill and vomit, they don't seem to have any effect on making me feel drunk whatsoever
#28 If I'm not going out that day, I'll shower and put fresh pjs on and wear them all day. I'm such a comfy person
#29 I've dyed my hair so many weird colours and got judged for it. Today I'm growing my light blonde dye out and trying to help my hair by not dying it for a good while. I am starting to question why I first dyed my hair in the first place!
#30 Toffee things are my fave. Aside banoffee pie, that's gross.
#31 During the night I am spooked quite easily. I'm scared of the possibility of ghosts or anything happening in the dark. Yes I'm 20 and I still hate the dark.
#32 My boyfriend is exactly 1ft taller than me. I look so teeny next to him!
#33 I love sausages
#34 I have an allergy/intolerance to bananas. Don't know which but they make me burn up and feel dizzy even if I don't know someone is eating them.
#35 I adore Pandas. I went to Edinburgh to see the two they have there and I could have cried. They were so adorable.
#36 My little sister can't pronounce my name properly yet (being 2) and calls me 'Lawa'
#37 I've been bullied multiple times in the past and it has made me a stronger person. Yes people's opinions get to me quite easily but I try to move on from it and grow as a person.
#38 My fave tv shows are Lie to Me, Dexter, The Walking Dead, Pretty Little Liars, Waterloo Road, and Don't Tell the Bride.
#39 I get to upgrade my phone contract in 1 month (to the day) and I am counting down the days. Hello new phone!
#40 I am having a minor operation next month, that I've already had before 3 times. Hopefully this is the last one. 
#41 I tend to have to hold back from correcting people's grammar, as I know I'm just being picky.
#42 I have never been happier than I am with my boyfriend. He picked me up when I was truly lost and I owe him everything I have for that.
#43 I find it really difficult to accept a compliment 
#44 My chest is not in proportion to my body, so wearing jumpers makes me look 1-2 sizes bigger and it annoys me so much!
#45 I love a good cup of tea. With two sugars. Always two sugars.
#46 I have no time for attention seekers unless they are in need of help. Honesty is key in life and if you fake it you'll never be happy.
#47 I want to name my future children (out of the selection of) Amelia Grace, Poppy Taylor, Annabelle, Isabella, Benjamin, Isaac, Noah, Oscar..
#48 I don't care for coffee. It is too bitter for my taste as I have a major sweet tooth.
#49 My favourite fabrics are velvet (obviously) and lace.
#50 I never knew what the Channel Tunnel's purpose was. I got laughed at. A lot.

I tag anyone to do this, it took some time but it was fun! Mix it up a little :)