I am in love with these eyelashes! They are called *'Perfect Eyelashes' by Agnes dos Santos which are 'Luxurious Strip Eyelashes' and I was lucky to receive a pair to review! I chose the style 'Intense'  out of the four options.

I cut them to fit my eyes and applied them using my Eyelure eyelash glue. The only difficulty I found in applying them was this style have smaller lashes towards the inner corners of your eye, and as I apply any false lashes with my hands, I did get the tiniest bit of glue in my eye (oops!) . Aside from this trouble (which was my fault not the products) the application was a smooth process.

Before Mascara

After Mascara

As you can see, there is a big difference from using just mascara and using the Perfect Eyelashes! I did apply a bit more mascara to help them blend to my own eyelashes a tiny bit more, something I do with every pair of eyelashes.

They've also been worn by Lucy Watson from Made in Chelsea!

They're currently £19.99 and you can buy them (here)

Hope you all enjoyed my review! Sorry for the bad camera quality (used my boyfriend's ipad).

As stated before, these were kindly sent to me to review, I did not pay for them myself and I was not paid to positively review the product, but I really do like them (or I'd tell you!) so check them out!