I am very picky when choosing makeup brushes and opted to get two of the Real Techniques kits before I ventured into buying more individual brushes to see how I got on wit them. Firstly I bought the Starter Set (purple brushes) which consists of a base shadow brush, a deluxe shadow brush, an accent brush, a crease brush and a brow brush.

Base Shadow Brush
When creating an eye makeup look, I start off by applying a base colour using this brush, which is so soft! Applying your base is so easy and quick compared to using a simple eyeshadow brush. 

Deluxe Crease Brush
This brush is designed for contouring and the brush being a bit oversized makes it so easy to blend colour into the crease of your eye. I can't perfect my eyeshadow without this.

Accent Brush
I use this to highlight the inner corners of my eye and it is the perfect size! It picks up the product so well and makes it effortless to apply a light colour to bring out your eyes.

Fine Liner Brush
I've not actually use this brush yet, as I want to wait until I find the perfect cream liner, as at the moment I'm using pencil liners until I have more time! The brush is super thin to give you a fine line of eyeliner and I can't wait to use it!

Brow Brush
The shape this brush holds makes it perfect to apply a brown shadow to your eyebrows and give them shape and definition. I've always had an issue with my brows, being blonde, and always used a brow pencil. This brush makes define my eyebrows such an easy task.

I then bought the Core Collection, as my current makeup brushes are old and hard to clean. I heard off other beauty bloggers that the RT brushes are super easy to clean and the taklon bristles are what makes the brushes so soft.

The Core Collection consists of 4 brushes; a detailer brush, a pointed foundation brush, a buffing brush and a contouring brush.

Detailer Brush
I use this to blend in concealer, as mine needs to be blended in without using my finger (as it gets everywhere) and this little brush does the job perfectly. Other people may use it to highlight or to apply lipstick but I much prefer to use this before/after my foundation with a concealer.

Pointed Foundation Brush
I know a lot of girls don't use this foundation as they prefer a different type of brush, but I have always used a foundation brush like this so I didn't see why I should change! The size makes it perfect to apply a liquid foundation to your face, as it isn't too big that you will end up covering your lips and eyebrows with foundation. The point gives a precise application and works lovely for me!

Buffing Brush
I use this brush for face powder. I can't mention the bristles again but seriously, so soft! My powder goes on easily, and my previous unknown brand brush isn't soft which means I was reluctant to apply my powder correctly, which has now changed due to this beauty!

Contour Brush
I am still yet to use this brush! I've been doing some quick 5-10 minute makeup applications as of yet, but when I get the chance I will definitely use this. According to the RT website, this "delicately applies highlighter to contour or create a sheer, soft-focus finish". I can tell when I do get around to using this, it will be a favourite.

With both sets, hey come with a handy 2 in 1 case/stand so is perfect for travelling, or keeping safe if you don't have a makeup brush holder. The brushes are 100% cruelty-free which is what we all want to hear!

I also love how the brushes have different coloured handles to differentiate between, but for beginners, they also come with the names of the brushes on. Despite such positive reviews, this is not a sponsored post and I bought these with my own money. If you would like to buy the brushes or learn more about them, check out the Real Techniques website (here). Let me know in the comments which is your favourite brush, and if you have any recommendations for future brushes I should try!