Hey lovelies,

So I was having a nose at Fragrance Direct and saw they sold some makeup items. I was already buying my boyfriend's sister some little bits for her prom and decided to pick myself some things too, because why not?

I had a look at the Calvin Klein makeup and saw the blushers and lipsticks for quite cheap. I know these may be old stock etc but if it isn't 'off' then why not? I picked up a blusher in 'pearlescent pink', the lipstick in 'mesmerize' and Essie nail varnish in 'All Tied Up'. I've worn these since and in my opinion there has been nothing wrong with them. I didn't realise until they arrived that I'd basically picked up the same shade in all of my items.

I picked up the same blusher, a Sally Hansen lip gloss and Essie nail polish in 'Pink About It'.

I was so happy to save this amount of money on makeup that I would never dream of buying full price on my student budget. I was pleased to see that Fragrance Direct stock newer items too, as well as lower priced perfumes, which I am yet to purchase!

Some people look down on these types of websites, but as long as the makeup is still within it's date, then there is nothing but fabulous savings in my opinion. I would definitely recommend buying from Fragrance Direct - this isn't in any way sponsered, nor do they even know of this post, but I received quick and cheap delivery and my items came in perfect condition.

What's not to love? If you've bought anything from Fragrance Direct, let me know!