Hey guys,

I thought I'd do a bit of a chatty post as I am v.busy at the moment and realised I had some goals I've not achieved yet, and I got thinking about what I'd like to achieve by the time I turn 25 (that sounds horrible).

  1. Grow my hair, but get it cut more often - I do grow my hair, and in January I got a fair bit cut off, but it needs to be around every 6-10 weeks, not once or twice a year!
  2. Get a full time job. Currently I'm in my second year of Uni and have only had part-time jobs before. Hopefully (fingers crossed) I will be successful in getting a full time Graduate job, so by the time I'm 25 I should have definitely achieved this goal!
  3. To not need more operations on my feet. I've just had my fourth operation on my foot in 4 years and it is driving me insane. I've grown to appreciate how much we should value our feet. I've only just started to wear sandals for the first time in 4 years and every summer I'd be sad wearing my converse because it was painful/ugly wearing everything else. By the time I'm 25 this issue should be history.
  4. Have my own flat/apartment. As a student it is beyond annoying renting a different place every year, having to sign an agreement two months after first moving in to get a different place 10 months later. And I want white furniture everywhere.
  5. For my blog to have blossomed! I am very fortunate for in 3 months for my blog to have over 1,000 followers and I appreciate every person reading and following. This is my little baby, and I am hoping to really make something out of this, as shopping, reviewing and writing is something I absolutely love to do, so even if this doesn't develop into a career, I would love for my hobby to grow!
  6. To be healthier. This is probably 90% of the world's goal but I am serious. I don't want to be 'skinny'. I want to be healthy with a better lifestyle. No more excuses. Although I can currently make them now, living in a house with people I dislike and only have my boyfriend - can't trust food in the fridge (very very very annoying) so once I move out in June this issue will be resolved!
  7. To be happier in myself. I haven't had the best childhood which made me not the happiest person ever as a teenager, so hopefully I have found a job and apartment that makes me 'myself' which will make me a lot happier. Don't worry, I am happy now, I've just not reached my full happiness potential (Is that a thing?)
I hope I can look back in 2 years and have completed most of these, but giving myself 5 years seems a bit more realistic! I live with my boyfriend during University term time and love it more than anything, I've lived with him since before we got together so it has never been an issue in our relationship. So next year we are hopefully getting an apartment together once we decide where to get graduate jobs! 

If you have any goals feel free to comment and let me know, or create a blog post and send me it via twitter @laurahadleyx

Side note: this is a scheduled post, as I have an exam on Thursday so will not be posting for a little bit! Good luck to anyone who has exams this summer, I feel for you! (But keep at it, it's worth it in the end :))