Hey lovelies,

I thought since I was talking to a few bloggers in the #bbloggers chat on Sunday, it got me thinking about all the hair colours I've dyed my hair and thought I'd do a bit of a timeline.

WARNING I do have incredibly cringy 'piczo-era' photos so i'm deeply sorry if my peace sounds and duck face poses offend the eyes!

Here is baby Laura! I'm guessing I was about 3/4 here, don't you just love early 90's carpets! This was my natural hair as a child, it got a bit darker but I've always been a true blonde!

Here is me, aged 13/14, with natural blonde hair. You can tell this is old as I still had bunk beds (oh dear). This is how it looked straightened and was pretty long.

Aged 15 with semi-permanent honey blonde dye ran through it. Again it is straight here, probably will be on most of my photos. Still quite long! Check out my snazzy phone..

I decided to dye my hair brown at 15. I was ridiculously skinny at this age, with size 8 jeans being so baggy around my legs! I wanted to look a bit older, but I think from looking at this I only looked younger.

This was at 16 getting ready for my Dad's wedding. Ignore that stupid bit of hair by my ear, I have no idea why the hairdresser put that bit there! I know this is black and white, but my hair was bleach blonde as in bright white.

Apparently I decided to get my hair cut as this pony looks awful! From around 16 until I turned 17 my hair was this light shade of blonde which I think definitely suits my skin tone

Hello shiny! This was the point where I decided I didn't care what colour I dyed my hair! This was at 17 and I think i'd had my hair done at the salon as i'd never blow dry my hair like this...

This is a bit of a weird looking photo as it was taking when I was out with my friends on A-Level results day. I loved my pastel pink hair!

18-19. I thought the pastel pink was boring and used a whole pot of flamingo coloured hair dye. Excuse the eyebrows!

I got a bit bored of the pink and decided to do a bit of dip-dying. I loved the blue parts but it faded ridiculously quick. After 1 wash it would look really pale. After this I just let it fade and go blonde for a month or so...

And the brown hair dye came out again at 19! Can you tell I got bored easily? I filled in my eyebrows brown as they looked awful blonde. Keeping up with brown hair with blonde roots is a NIGHTMARE. Any brunette will hate the roots when you have blonde hair, but the other way round made me look like I was going bald. someone actually asked me (a child) If i had taken a razor through the middle of my scalp when I had it in a middle part...

This was after I stripped the brown out of my hair and this was the result, a blondey ginger. I began to use a toner to reduce the brassy tones. I've not dyed my hair since! This was July 2013.

This picture doesn't half make me laugh. I got a significant amount of hair chopped off and couldn't get a nice selfie to send to my boyfriend so I pulled a funny face! This isn't an intention duck face, more a "why can't I do a cute face" so this was the result. My mind was thinking okay I'm 20 now, yet my baby cheeks still make me look 15.

I deeply apologise for my cleavage! But this is how my hair is now. Naturally curly but the bleach age my hair more wavy. As my roots keep growing my hair gets curlier! 

Again, my boobs just love photobombing. This was a few weeks ago. I have actually pencilled my brows in as they match the lighter blonde colour more than my roots! This is where my hair story ends! 

Again, apologies for boobs, duck faces and peace signs but I thought I'd show the blogging world a little timeline of my hair. I did have different shades in between, like lilac before purple, then a few shades of brown before I went really dark at 19, but this post would be incredibly long if I included every picture! 

I hope you enjoyed this! If you have a similar post then comment below with a link! I am now 10 months into not dying my hair and have seen huge changes in the condition of my hair!