Hey guys,

Hopefully you will have seen my Part 1 post on Costume Design already, so here is the next installment from my trip to the Warner Bros Studio Tour of Harry Potter!

I absolutely loved looking at the makeup and special effects side of the films and was incredibly surprised to see the types of makeup they used for the films.

As you can see, they used products like MAC (a lot), Bed Head, L'oreal, Simple, they used makeup brushes and sponges, false eyelashes; you name it. This will only be a small fraction of the makeup that they used but I was particularly surprised to see how many Mac products they used, such as different shades of BB cream, blushers, bronzers etc.

You don't even think about what makeup is used in a film as they tend to make the characters in Harry Potter look very natural, which just proves how good the MUA's are.

I felt so naive in thinking that all the characters had their own hair for the films! There were so many wigs! Obviously actors like Alan Rickman don't have wavy black hair for Snape, but the team behind Harry Potter make every character so perfect, you actually believe they all really look like that.

Obviously for the goblins in the films have masks made, but there is a lot more involved than just a mask, they have to make a mold of the actor's head, paint the mould, add individual hairs etc.

As I said before, they use Simple products and makeup brushes and sponges of different shapes and sizes which you wouldn't always anticipate on how many items you would need to perfect the makeup and special effects elements of it.

It was interesting to see how they paint the moulds too, making them look so realistic!

I hope you've enjoyed the most random element to Harry Potter; I didn't anticipate seeing all the makeup and that they used products that we use too!