Hey lovelies,

I've noticed a bit of a downer on the blogging community lately and would like to emphasize how much I love blogging and talking to new people. There are probably hundreds of lovely bloggers I've never had the chance to talk to but I thought if I've learnt anything from blogging, it is to support one another, not try to get ahead of others. The bloggers I've listed here are either bloggers I've had some lovely chats with or read their blogs regularly.

Sally and Sally Says Beauty

April at Beautiface Blog

Meg at Beautiful You

Hanna at Hanna Talks

Gemma at Sunshine On A Cloudy Day

Becka at Becka's Beauty Blog

Alice at Annie Writes Beauty

Kelly at Live Love Travel

Beth at Beauty In Beta

Danni at Gingerbread Smiles

Gemma at Touch Of Belle

Bekka at Forevere Bekka

Bex at XO-BBB

Bethany at Bethany Worrall

Kirstie at A Yellow Brick Blog

Antoinette at Letters To A

If you've not came across them before or wish to have another read of their blog then clink the links above. Everyone loves a bit of positivity and I'm hoping my little blog can help put a smile on at least one person's face today!