hey lovelies,

I've not been having the greatest time with my skin lately, and everyone has to use a face mask at some point in their life, right? I received this one by Dr Organic* last month and decided it was time to test it out, as the summer heat is making my skin quite dry/oily which is driving my insane. This retails at £7.39 (here) which I believe is pretty standard for a beauty product with natural ingredients.

It is recommended to use this twice a week as part of your cleansing routine but I have been using it once a week at the moment as I am forgetful. However, I have seen the benefits of once a week regardless which I think is pretty good! You apply it on dry skin for 10 minutes, where it should harden, then you wash it off with warm water (or a damp flannel). I definitely felt the benefits of this as I feel like you need a good face mask during the hot days during summer! It didn't harden as much as other face masks I've used in the past, in a weird way when it makes your face stiff I actually don't mind it, until it gets in your eyebrows which is a nightmare, but this mask doesn't dry very hard.

The consistency is white and fairly thick, as it contains Kaolin which is a Chinese clay, which claims to "draw oil from the pores" and rid your skin of impurities and dead cells. I love these types of face mask where you can apply a little bit for a quick result or apply a thicker coating and wait longer for it to dry. With natural ingredients like Cacao Seed Butter and Honey Extract you can see why it will benefit your skin, and is vegetarian friendly!

It was quite easy to wipe off, I've seen some reviews where people have said it was difficult to rub off but I didn't find this problem and it came away fairly easy with warm water. After washing the mask off, my skin felt smooth and clean, showing that it does what it is aiming to do. I have fairly sensitive skin, and no problems came to light. For the next few days after, without changing my normal skin routine, my skin felt more soft and nourished. 

From using the product once a week, my skin isn't as prone to break outs and little spots, always a good sign! Another benefit was that my skin wasn't as dry nor oily, making my skin feel better during the recent hot days which has played havoc with my skin in the past. I honestly feel like this is worth the money and I would purchase this when mine finally runs out (it seems to last ages!). I've personally not tried any other Dr Organic products but have seen their Manuka Honey Face Scrub online and might give that a go!

Are there any other face masks I should try?