Hey lovelies,

I have always been a curious one with makeup wipes. This may seem odd but sometimes my skin gets a bit dry after using them and some never take all my makeup off. If you're feeling the same, I may have found a holy grail product in the makeup wipe section!

These are Klorane makeup wipes* are made with cornflour water which are better for the environment as it includes active plant ingredients and 100% biodegradable.

I was recently in John Lewis and saw that these were £6.50 to buy. At first I thought what on earth? For 25 wipes that is 26p per wipe, in comparison to cheaper wipes being about 8p per wipe. On the flip side, you only need one to take all your makeup off. When you look at it that way, the price seems a bit more reasonable.

I am definitely one of those girls who on the occasion gets a bit lazy, but we all do, right? So I use one makeup wipe, then another, then another and I soon find my way through a pack of wipes very quickly. The good thing about these is that it actually takes all your makeup off with one, which surprised me A LOT.

They aren't incredibly wet which makes it feel like you have a cold flannel on your face, but definitely aren't dry either. I should probably have just said they are a good balance of what a wipe should be, but you get the gist.

Being the strange girl that I am, and blue being my favourite colour, the packaging stood out to me too. They come in a small packet which means putting them in your bag is easy and they don't stand out like cheaper wipes. With a more secure opening too, the top wipes don't become dry as quick as other branded wipes too.

So, the verdict. Would I spend £6.50 on them myself? Probably. For what it is worth, you don't use tons of wipes (saving the planet and all that) which means less time taking makeup off and more time looking for more makeup to buy online, win/win? I think the price tag will definitely be an issue for some, I can understand why. If you're looking for a product that is worth the money on the other hand then it's a good investment. If you're looking for some cheaper ones to save those pennies then maybe not. When I eventually run out of them, I definitely think I will purchase them.

Hope my review helps anyone interested in more natural makeup wipes for easy removal!