Hey lovelies,

You may have seen that in June I was in London for a few days for a little trip! I never got round to posting my final installment in the series but I thought I show what I cheekily managed to pick up in Covent Garden - my first MAC Lipstick!

After spending wayyyyyyyy to long swatching different lipsticks, lusting after Heroine and Lady Danger, I decided to go for a more pink-nude toned lipstick that I know I will get a lot of use out of, I can buy more adventurous colours once I know I love MAC lipsticks, which I now do.

mac lipstick hot gossip

I had already used this (sorry, my bad!) but the original photos I had taken really didn't show how lovely this lipstick looks. I swatched over 20 lipsticks in the MAC store and decided to go for a pinky-nude. There was no point in me reviewing a really bold colour for my first lipstick as I wanted to see how much I actually loved the finish. There is a bit of shimmer to it, but in the most flattering way.

I think another good MAC nude toned lipstick would be Creme Cup which I had my eye on too, but I had a spending limit (as it was a mini trip to London) so I couldn't go overboard. I don't think my boyfriend would have appreciated even more time in the MAC store too!

Sorry for my poor photo taking skills, but this photo was taken once I had gotten home. I don't usually look this tanned.  I love that it is a cream sheen lipstick, as if my lips are a tiny bit dry, I won't panic about how they look, compared to buying a matte lipstick. I luckily picked this up before MAC raised their prices to £15.50 per lipstick.

I did notice that it didn't last all day, but unless you buy a lip stain, they don't tend to. I know some people will be disappointed that I didn't opt for a signature red or a bold coral colour like Lady Danger but I think it is so important to invest in a lipstick for a natural or "no makeup makeup" look.

 I think it is a lovely colour but for how long it lasts and I love investing in more expensive products as it is worth it for the quality. I now have my eye on Rebel for my next one!

Is there a particular shade or finish of MAC lipsticks that you love?